Friday, November 30, 2007

Entertainment Center

For the longest time I have wanted a nice entertainment center, especially since we moved into our new house. We redid the kitchen and I love it, but on the opposite side of the big great room is where our tv sits, and right now that wall looks awful. There are cords hanging all over the place and overflowing toy and book boxes and dvd towers, I hate it, its one part of my house that I just can't get to look the way I want it to. But soon my pain will be over! My wonderful father-in-law has helped us design an entertainment center that will take care of all of our problem areas and its will be gorgeous, its going to mirror the style and colors of our new kitchen, so it will really bring the room together. It has places to store toys, books, all of our dvds and any pretty knick-knacks I want to display, and of course it will hide all of the ugly chords and components. I am so excited. It was officially ordered and work began this week, so we're hoping to get it by Christmas, I am thrilled, Thrilled, THRILLED! Here is the computer mock-up of what its going to look like. I will of course upload picture of the real thing when I get it.

I am such a lucky girl! :)


Emily said...

you really ARE! when we get a real house can he make one for us too?

by the way, i just found out you actually have a new blog--i thought it was still under construction, hence all the new comments. sorry.

Diane Owen said...

No worries, I'm still figuring out this new blog too, and apparently I need to tell everyone about the new blog, you aren't the first one to just figure it out!