Monday, November 26, 2007

The story of our Christmas tree

Okay, as I mentioned in my previous post, I love Christmas. I remember growing up we always had the most beautiful Christmas trees. My mom had a special touch with our tree and it was always spectacular, I loved it. Our tree is not spectacular. It is nothing fancy, nothing breathtaking (and nothing breakable). But I love our tree for a completely different reason. Almost every ornament on our tree was hand made by Beth's name sake, Ryan's grandmother Beth Evans.

I never had a chance to meet her, she died not long before I met Ryan, but I heard a lot of wonderful things about her. Well, after Ryan and I got married we didn't have any Christmas decorations and so Ryan's Grandpa offered to give us some of the ornaments that his wife had made over the years. At first I thought they were a little cheesy, but since we had Beth and gave her that significant name the decorations took on a whole new meaning.

I think they are perfect. The tree is very kid friendly and cute and fun and significant. There is something very special about each ornament having so much meaning. (Sorry the pictures aren't great, I did the best I could, but at least you can get the gist of some of our cute ornaments.)

So, that's the story of our tree. I am sure one day I will be ready to have a beautiful, sparkling Christmas tree covered in fragile glass ornaments. But for now, I don't think we could have anything better than our special tree. I hope it helps our kids to learn about their special great-grandmother that they never knew.

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