Friday, December 7, 2007


Today is a landmark day. Not only are the kids FINALLY getting better, and my house is in a semi-clean state, okay well maybe just the kitchen, but hey. But best of all, I hit the 20 pounds lost mark! That's right everyone. Diane is 20 pounds lighter than she was about 3 months ago. And not only that, but my waist is 1 3/4 inches smaller than it was last time I measured, which was one week ago! The medication and diet I was put on for the metabolic syndrome seems to really be doing the trick. The doctor said it would probably help me lose belly fat and it seems to be working! Let's hope I can keep it up and lose the next 20. I am so proud of myself for sticking to my goals, and so excited to finally be making some real progress. It feels so good! By the way, Ryan is doing really well too, I think he has lost about 15 and he has been doing this a little bit less time than I have. Watch out world, the Owen family is getting healthy!


Emily said...

that is so exciting! congratulations! i haven't lost a pound in years.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for some sort of announcement on that other blog...and here you were blogging over here the whole time!!!

I've got a lot of catch up to do.

glad everyone is doing better!

Phillip and Mary said...

Diane! That is so cool, and I am so proud of you!!! Do you watch "The Biggest Loser"? It is such an inspiration to me. The Finale is Tuesday the 18th...It feels so good to lose weight...keep up the good work and don't gain it back like me! I am excited to try to stay healthy during this pregnancy and then lose it ALL once and for after baby is born!! I am just so happy for you and so proud! I know what a big deal it is and how awesome it feels! GREAT JOB ON DOING SOMETHING TRULY HARD AND TRULY WORTHWHILE!!! You rock! And kudos to you for publishing about it! You are inspiring us all!