Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Morning

Okay, I'm finally getting around to posting about Christmas. What a busy week its been! Christmas morning was so fun. We were up part of the night with James so we didn't get up as early as I had anticipated, but hey. When I went into Beth's room to get her up, she perked right up when I told her Santa had come and came running into the living room at lightening speed. We got it all on video, but once again we can't find the cord, so I'll have to post that kind of stuff some other day. Santa brought us all lots of good stuff, but thankfully didn't go too overboard, here are some before pictures.And then the aftermath:

My favorite gift was of course our entertainment center, but of the things I opened on Christmas morning my favorite so far has been Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight". I read it as non-stop as I could manage since the day after Christmas and finished it this morning. I think my family has felt a little neglected but I couldn't put it down! Now I have to go get the next book.
Ryan got an erector set so he could feel like a kid again. He spent hours putting together a helicopter a couple days ago and now he thinks it looks great as a decoration on our new entertainment center, can't say I agree...but we'll let me do it for a few more hours. :)
Beth seemed pretty pleased with everything she got, but of course her favorite has been the $1 ball that was in her stocking...why does Santa even bother with the big stuff?
James has enjoyed playing with the stacking cups he got the most I think. Although Christmas morning was all about the boxes and wrapping paper for him. He was in heaven!
So basically we all made out really well. We've been enjoying non-stop eating and friends and family all week. We spent most of Christmas day over at Grandma and Grandpa Owen's house for more gifts and a wonderful meal. Wednesday we just spent a little time recovering, and then Thursday we spent the day in Logan for more family fun. Yesterday we had a party at our friend Rob's place where he always puts on a fabulous gourmet meal and games. So much for the diet, but hey, its the holidays, you gotta splurge a little! We have yet another party to enjoy tonight, this one is at our house, fun fun! Hope you all had as magical of a Christmas as we did.

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em said...

You look great, you can totally relax on the diet for the Holidays. I love how the house looks in the aftermath! Fun fun!