Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Sunday

Christmas is 2 days away!!! Woohoo!!! I am so excited. I'm excited to see how my kids react, I'm excited to see if everyone likes the gifts I chose for them, and I'm excited to see what I get too (come on, you know you are all a little selfish too! :) ) Tomorrow I plan to make fun shaped sugar cookies for Santa (and to eat), and of course we will read the nativity story, or try at least. I can't wait for Christmas dinner and to see family on Christmas day. That is just the best. On a sad not, our poor little nephew Jackson is in the hospital with RSV and pneumonia and I feel so sad for him. He will probably come home tomorrow or on Christmas, but they won't be able to participate in the family activities. What a Christmas! We plan to take them gifts and cookies at least...

Anyway, today was Christmas Sunday, of course. I sang with the ward choir for the Christmas program and really enjoyed it. I love singing, and its even better when its Christmas songs. My favorite part of the day though is dressing my kids up in their Christmas church clothes. They are just so darn cute! Aren't they?

You can't really see it in the picture but Beth has one of those package bows in her hair. I had some little tiny ones, so I stuck a bobby-pin through the staple in the bottom and made it into a hair bow. I am not a creative person, and definitely not when it comes to hair, so I was pretty proud of thinking of that. It was awfully cute. I know it isn't the greatest picture of her, but she has a little bit of her Father in her and doesn't like to actual smile and look at the camera...The Thomas train she is holding is the gift she got to open at the annual Owen Family Christmas party yesterday. Lots of fun.

Our other fun acitivity lately is that on Friday night Ryan and I got to go on an overnight date! Our friends Asiel and Jenny volunteered (I even tried to talk them out of it!) to take our kids overnight. It was a much needed break! We went to dinner and then to a wonderful choir concert that my Father-in-Law was performing in. Then we got to stay downtown in the Marriott and enjoy staying up late, sleeping in and eating a hot breakfast that I neither had to cook or clean up after! Thanks again Jenny and Asiel!!

Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! We'll post again after Christmas so you can see all the damage.

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Emily said...

so cute, love christmas clothes!