Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Curtains

I've been having a real need to decorate my house lately. Probably because I sit in the house staring at these walls ALL day long! So I've been trying to slowly add a few things, and this past weekend, I got curtains for the living room! I am so excited about them! My mother-in-law went shopping with me on saturday and helped pick them out. I know its hard to tell what color they are, and they are kind of hard to describe. They have gold thread running vertically through them and then its just sort of swirls of browns and beiges with a little bit of maroon and kind of a turqouise color. Sounds a little weird when I desribe it that way, but trust me, they are cool! They will look even more fabulous when we get the entertainment center I think. The rod and tie backs are pretty too, they are kind of bronzy/gold leaves. Anyway, that's my latest exciting thing.


Emily said...

very pretty! where did you get your couch?

Diane Owen said...

Um, we got it at John Paras furniture I think.