Sunday, December 9, 2007

Snow Day

This weekend we had a lot of snow pile up in our yard. I wasn't sure what Beth would think of it, but she actually had a great time playing in the snow with Daddy. They even got to build her first snow man.

James was a little confused by it all, I think, but he looked awfully cute doing it! :)

We also got into the Christmas spirit by trying on our Santa hats. I wore mine to our ward Christmas breakfast and the kids just had to join in the fun. Can they get cuter?


Phillip, Mary, Elijah, and ? Brough said...

You just gotta love bundled up kids in a new experience! It helps remind me how fascinating snow really is!

emily said...

LOVE that one of james! so cute! we were in draper this weekend and i think dave shoveled 3 feet of snow while we were there. ugh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the kids look adorable! But where is the picture of cute YOU in the santa hat???

I love that picture of James looking confused! that one is priceless! LOL

Diane Owen said...

I am the only one that takes pictures around here, so I have a hard time making it into any...i'll have to work on that.

Nicole Willard said...

Hi Diane,
I LOVE your new blog, it is sooo fun and the pictures are so darling. You have got one cute family. I love blogging, it helps to even get to your your friends and their family even better. See you soon.

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