Sunday, December 9, 2007

Snow Day

This weekend we had a lot of snow pile up in our yard. I wasn't sure what Beth would think of it, but she actually had a great time playing in the snow with Daddy. They even got to build her first snow man.

James was a little confused by it all, I think, but he looked awfully cute doing it! :)

We also got into the Christmas spirit by trying on our Santa hats. I wore mine to our ward Christmas breakfast and the kids just had to join in the fun. Can they get cuter?


Phillip and Mary said...

You just gotta love bundled up kids in a new experience! It helps remind me how fascinating snow really is!

Emily said...

LOVE that one of james! so cute! we were in draper this weekend and i think dave shoveled 3 feet of snow while we were there. ugh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the kids look adorable! But where is the picture of cute YOU in the santa hat???

I love that picture of James looking confused! that one is priceless! LOL

Diane Owen said...

I am the only one that takes pictures around here, so I have a hard time making it into any...i'll have to work on that.

Nicole said...

Hi Diane,
I LOVE your new blog, it is sooo fun and the pictures are so darling. You have got one cute family. I love blogging, it helps to even get to your your friends and their family even better. See you soon.

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