Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I knew it couldn't be long before someone tagged me in one of these blog games (Thanks Mary :) ), so here we go, 6 facts about me:

1. I'm very weird about how I eat food. For instance, I eat a slice of bread by eating the corners, then the rest of the crust then the middle, preferably in a circular motion (weird I know). If I am eating crackers or chips I eat any broken pieces first, smallest to largest, and then the whole ones, and I always save the best for last in whatever I'm eating.
2. I am just about done reading Jane Austen's complete works.
3. I love Gilmore girls and watch it every chance I get, even thought I've seen every episode several times (Ryan hates it!). Other current favorite shows: House and Pushing Daisies.
4. I have just been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome, which means my body has to produce more insulin than it should to keep my blood sugar under control. As a result I've been put on a diet that took away just about every food I love, I'm rather sad about it, but surviving.
5. I have lost 18.5 pounds in recent months. I have a goal to lose 21.5 more, but I am so thrilled that I've made it almost half way! (Some of the is thanks to that new diet, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much).
6. I love to be touched. Ryan calls me a "rub-a-holic" because I almost go into withdrawal if he doesn't get a chance to sit down and rub my skin or play with my hair, it my biggest calming mechanism. It is how I survive two little kids! This started young, I used to insist on having my back rubbed to fall asleep as a kid.

So there are 6 facts, they may not be terrible interesting, and they may be strange, but its me. Now I tag Emily Benson, Jenny, Emily Aune, Summer, Emily Foley, and Andrea. (Gosh I know a lot of Emily's!)

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Emily said...

is it okay if i just refer you to my most recent blog entries? i did this not too long ago. congrats on the weight loss though, that's amazing! i LOVE gilmore girls. did you know all of the seasons just went on sale at target for $14.99?