Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting to Know You- A to Z

My friend Emily did this for her Baby Aiden and tagged James, so this is all info about my baby...makes it a little tricky since he is just shy of 10 months old, but we will do out best, kinda fun!

A attached or Single: Single for many many MANY years to come I hope.

B best friend: Beth and mommy

C cake or pie: any adult food will do, but probably cake.

D day of choice: Saturday

E essential item: Bippy (aka Blankie to the rest of the world), Bottle

F favorite color: yellow (color of his bippy)

G gummy bears or worms: Prolly be worms, boys like worms

H hometown: Riverton, UT

I indulgences: Snuggling mommy, eating treats

J January or July: July

K kids: He loves having any and all other kids around

L life is incomplete without: Beth, Bippy, and FOOD

M marriage date: Mommy and Daddy were married March 27th, that's all I need

N number of siblings: 1 sister

O oranges or apples: Apples, although he doesn't like them in their sauce form

P phobias or fears: not much this kid is afraid of so far...he didn't even freak much when he fell down the stairs :(

Q quotes: Da da da da da da Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

R reason to smile: Someone just looked at me! I stood up! I'm awake!

S season: Well, he's really only been really playful through fall and winter...

T tag three friends: I tag um....I don't know...anyone that wants to do it.

U unknown fact about me: I can climb a whole flight of stairs by myself. And I can now pull myself up to a stand on just about anything and sit back down when I want to (most of the time)

V very favorite store: Anywhere I get to go with mom and Beth. (Usually Harmon's or Target)

W worst habit: Not leaving the computer alone while mommy types.

X x-ray or ultrasound: ultrasound

Y your favorite food: Bananas, Mac and Cheese, Formula

Z zodiac: Aries (I think)


Phillip and Mary said...

Super cute! Great job!

em said...

We should hang out more. I was a little jealous when I saw on your side bar that Rob and Nash came over. I just worry cuz Aiden can be a little (lot) grumpy sometimes. Since my hubby is traveling a bit will have to stop by when he is gone.