Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All dressed up with no where to go.

Ryan and I were planning to go out and celebrate Valentine's day a little early tonight. We've had a babysitter planned for over a week (that's a big deal for us). I bought a new outfit. I got my hair done today (more layers cut and I went for the bangs). The kids got good naps, everything was on schedule and then the snow hit. It came down and down in blowing nastiness. I got stuck in it coming home from getting my hair done, but poor Ryan is still stuck in it. He left work over 90 minutes ago and he is still a good 20 minutes from home on a normal traffic day. We gave up on our plans long ago. I ordered a pizza. Ryan might not even make it home for warm pizza. Oh well....nothing we can do about a ruined evening now. Hopefully we'll get to celebrate another day.

**Ryan left work just after 4pm and got home at 8pm!!! It usually takes him 25 minutes!!! Poor guy, not the evening he had in mind.**


Summer said...

What a bummer! We had pizza tonight, too. Put up some pictures of your new haircut and bangs when you get the chance.

Emily said...

ohhhh, such a bummer! i'm SO SORRY. nothing makes me madder than a ruined date! i bet you look so cute too. MAJOR BUMMER! it took dave an hour and a half to make it home and he left BEFORE FOUR. ugh. sooo sorry!