Thursday, February 28, 2008

Super Baby and the bouncy bed

James has turned into a very wiggly child, especially during diaper changes. It often happens that I can't manage to get his clothes back on before he scurries away in his turbo-crawl. So many morning he ends up wearing his pj's like a cape. Its pretty cute. One of James other favorite things is to play on our bed. He get on one knee and one foot and bounces like a mad man and laughs and laughs. He throws himself around on the bed with the biggest grin on his face, and climbs up on down the piles of pillows we make. I absolutely love it! It is such a fun play time for us, and his giggle is about the cutest thing ever.

Beth loves to play "horsey," I suppose there aren't a lot of kids who don't like that game, but Beth loves it! I crawl around with a wiggly 2-year-old on my back and we chase James around. He has recently discovered how fun it is to be chased (and caught). I feel like I don't spend a ton of time playing with the kids, not as much as I should anyway, but we have some pretty precious times together playing these games.

Some days my kids are impossible and hard, and Beth is beating on James ever time I turn around. But they sure love eachother, and I love them so much. James always gets up before Beth in the morning and he will sit in the hall staring at her bedroom door waiting for his friend to get up. I'm am so happy that they are good friends and that they are so close. I love my siblings, and I had a great childhood, but I do sometimes feel like I missed out a little bit because I didn't have siblings close to my age. So now I live vicariously through my crazy children and I love it. What joy they bring!


Nicole said...

These are such cute pictures. I love you down there playing with the kids. Their expressions and enthusiasm is so cute!! You are a GREAT mommy, you can tell they have so much fun with you!

Nicole said...

Hey girlie, Can you please email me your address. My email is

Dan and Donna said...

Wonderful pictures and I can almost hear them laughing and having such a great time. You will be blessed with great memories for spending this precious time with them. They grow up much too fast! I know!!