Monday, March 3, 2008

Party Hardy

On Saturday we were invited to a birthday party for the son of one of Ryan's mission friends. At first I thought, oh yippee, a 2-year-olds birthday party. But they sent Ryan the address and it was at a church in the cultural hall. I thought, this must be a serious party! Ryan said, these people are latin, they know how to party! He was right! The room was decked out in Thomas the tank engine, which made Beth very excited. There was a ton delicious food, latin music, and not one, but two pinatas! We had a great time. It definitely made Beth's birthday party pale in comparison. The kid (Landon) even dove into the cake and covered himself in green frosting. It was great. Here are a few picture sof our good time.

Beth taking her whack at the pinata.
Poor Thomas took a serious beating before he gave up any candy.

Enjoying the fruit of her labor.
We thought this piece of the star pinata made a great hat.
Beth loved her "lellow cake with jam"

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Emily said...

that looks so fun! (and the cake looks delish). isaac would've gone crazy for that pinata!

cute blog, by the way!