Monday, March 31, 2008

San Francisco- Day 1

Thursday night we left for our grand adventure to San Francisco. Our car was packed to the rafter with Ryan, me, Beth, James, my niece Chelsie, and my Dad. It is our first attempt at a family vacation and we were a little nervous, but it was fun, despite the rough patches here and there. We drove through the night with the help of my wonderful father. The kids did great. James was a little restless the first couple of hours but then fell into a nice deep sleep and slept the whole rest of the way. Beth slept most of the time. She woke up for gas stops and such but always was very sweet about it and went back to sleep quickly once we got back on the road. The there was fairly uneventful as far as roads or weather go, so that was very nice. We arrived in glorious California around 6:30am on Friday morning. The sun was shining over the bay and it was gorgeous. Our hotel sits right on a little penisula of the bay, so pretty! We took the first day pretty easy since most of the adults got very little sleep on the drive. We hung out at the hotel pool and napped and enjoyed the walking path around the bay. The evening and the following days brought more adventures, I don't have the pictures yet (my camera drives me too crazy, so I let my mom be in charge of pictures) so when she gets them to me I will blog the rest of our adventures! Enjoy some of our first views of the bay!
This is the view directly in front of where our hotel room was.
There is a great walking path around the bay and this in the view of our hotel from across the bay.
Beth and I on a walk around the bay. Isn't it beautiful? It wasn't super warm, but the sun was sure nice!


BensonFam said...

Hooray! Glad to hear the drive went well - I was so nervous for you! We've done the 12 hours straight in the car thing and it is not fun! Have a wonderful trip - we can't wait to see you again and to hear all abou it.

Emily said...

you look so cute in that last picture! san fran is one of my favorite places to visit. it's nice to have a husband from there, so we're guaranteed a trip there at least once a year or so. i love fisherman's wharf and ghirardelli square, and just walking around the bay. so fun!

Anonymous said...

You and Beth have the exact same smile in that last picture!!

em said...

LUCKY! How was your mom in charge of the picture? She wasn't included in the pile of people loaded in the car. Does she live there?

Diane Owen said...

My mom and dad are living in San Fran for a few months while my mom works as an interim hospital administrator. They should be home (Logan) by the end of April or so.