Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bag Contents

My cousin Emily tagged me with this task. I was told to show and list the contents of my bag without cleaning it out here it goes. You asked for it.

I definitely have a mommy bag. There is no doubt about it.
I bought this lovely black diaper bag when I was pregnant with James. I was so sick of carrying around ugly diaper bags so I bought a nice looking one that was made to keep me organized. It still doesn't do its job most of the time because its so big that it become a pit, but anyway, here is the list:

Fruit snacks, raisins, Hershey kisses, a Winnie the Pooh book, But Not the Hippopotamus book, Diaper, Wipes, Desitin, Teething Tablets, trash (lovely), a sucker, my wallet, a hand held mirror (from the family pictures we had taken on Saturday), an empty spider-man Easter egg, a block, a couple pictures of the kids, receipts, two pens, and a prescription I just picked up from the pharmacy.

So now I tag Emily Benson, Emily Aune and Nicole Willard! :) Have fun ladies. (anyone else you wants to just leave a list in comments is welcome, its fun to see!)


Emily said...

cool! i love that hippo book, so funny. i usually have lots of trash, receipts, and dirty kleenex's but had cleaned it out the night before in anticipation of our trip south! love your bag.

Fiddlefish said...

I have a better idea. Since the guys are leaving it up to us to plan dinner, how about we "plan" to let them take us out for a double-family dinner date, then we send them back to my house with all the kids while we go get our hair and/or nails done? It can be part of an extended Mothers' Day treat to ourselves. :)
Next weekend my son has concerts both nights, but we are free May 16, 17, 23, or 24. BTW, my "purse" is my diaper bag. Everything in it except my wallet, keys, and cell phone is kiddie: diapers, snacks, formula...and this great invention I found at walmart the other day -- it's a film canister sized holder that holds tiny plastic bags for soiled diapers/clothes. FABULOUS.

em said...

I laughed when I saw read it. I was hoping you'd tag me. Luckily today I cleaned all the trash out but I am excited to list all the non useful crap I have in it.