Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I am having the most incompetent day of my life, I swear! My kids have colds so I've been tired and they have been cranky, so that always makes me feel like i'm not doing things very well...but man, its really showing today!

- I sprayed myself with the water sprayer while doing the dishes

- I knocked both my kids over at some point today

- I've been majorly cranky with the poor sick kids

- I spilled red Tylenol all over Beth's just washed PJ's

- I bonked James head on the door frame walking through the door, doh!

- and to top it all off, I was backing our car out of the garage to go buy food so that I wouldn't have to cook dinner and burn the kitchen down or something and didn't see our friend's car parked in our driveway and scraped our car against his, damaging both! So now I have to call the insurance tomorrow and get the both fixed. Luckily they don't look too bad, but you never know with car repairs...Geez, what is my problem!! This isn't even a complete list...its just one of those days. Ugh!!!


Nicole said...

Oh sweetie, you have had a "Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"!!! I am so sorry, hope tomorrow is MUCH better!! I say call it a day, have Ryan take over & sleep it off.

Emily said...

hate those days. i have them way too often! in fact, just yesterday i shook our chocolate soymilk and the lid came off...chocolate milk EVERYWHERE, all over my clean white shirt, all over the entire kitchen...i'm still finding it in places i didn't notice yesterday!

Diane Owen said...

Haha, I did that once with Spaghetti Sauce, what a mess!