Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beware- lots of mentions of blood below

We had our first really bloody injury this weekend. I will spare you pictures. It was lovely. We were at church and James was dancing around sunday school when he fell and hit his face on a chair. And for those of you who are familiar with facial injuries, they like to bleed! We think he split the little piece of tissue that connects your lip to your gums. He doesn't really let us look at it, so its hard to tell where the injury really is, but that's our best guess, its definitely his gums above his front teeth. He still has a bit of a fat lip, but luckily the bleeding only lasted 5 hours or so...and no i'm not kidding. It would clot up for a few minutes here and there, but as soon as he would eat or chew on a toy as toddlers do, or bump against something we would have a fresh crop of blood. We followed him around with a wash cloth trying to minimize the bloody damage. We bathed him when we got home from church cause he was covered and Beth kept asking if I "got all the bleed off." It was basically nasty. Luckily he was acting totally fine, other than really annoyed that we kept washing his face. I never considered myself all that squeamish, but seeing all that blood coming from my baby was hard!! I felt so bad and I kept wishing there was more I could do for him. I know there are a lot more injuries like this in my future, so I better buck up, but for now I will just be happy we survived and there were no stitches involved. Whew!


Emily said...

eeewwww, gross. i'm so sorry! but you survived it! isaac had one like that once, we were at a friend's house and he pulled an unframed mirror over, and the corner split his bottom lip completely open. 7 hours in the ER later (i'm not kidding) we had zero stitches and lots of blood. they tried to glue it closed...and it stopped bleeding so we left. we turned around halfway home and he had bit the glue off and there was blood EVERYWHERE. carseat, clothes, floor, everywhere. we had to go back. yuck.

Nicole said...

Holy Cow!!! What an eventful Sunday and at church non the less. Poor little guy, poor you guys too. I bet that was hard to see, especially since it took so long to clot completly. I am sorry you went through that. You are probably right though, this may be something little as for injuries when he gets older, into sports, etc. Lets hope for the best.

I was wondering if you wanted to take the kids to Wheeler Farm on Thurs. Call me or I'll call you! Have a good day!