Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The disappearing Remote

So two days ago our TV remote went AWOL. We looked EVERYWHERE! We knew it had to be one of the kids hiding it somewhere, but we checked all of their favorite spots, and every where they usually play thinking it couldn't have gone too far. We have one of those fancy plasma TV's and you practically can't run the thing without a remote, so we were in quite a jam (especially since I'm a horrible Mom and we are TV junkie's over here). We were getting ready to gut the house again in a desperate search when Beth came running in the bathroom this morning while I was in the shower announcing that she had found the remote! HOORAY! Where may you ask did she find it? In her little potty, of course! That's right. Beth has one of those small training pottys (a whole nother saga for another day) that has a little bowl for the "deposits" and then the whole top can come off to attach to big toilets so there is a big opening in the bottom of the potty that can be used as a wonderful hiding spot it turns out. Apparently James had discovered this spot and there were several items in there hiding including the lost remote. Who would have thought. Where do kids come up with these things??!!


Emily said...

thank goodness you found it! no remote is the worst. we've gone through lots of universals (our original broke years ago).

BensonFam said...

Ah the hiding things phase... Livvy just barely got out of it. "I was just keeping it safe mom, I promise!"

Fiddlefish said...

Thank goodness for Lysol spray! How funny!!! Loved the Thanksgiving Pt. pics, BTW. CUTE CUTE kiddos!

Tara B.