Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Backyard

I mentioned several weeks ago that we were finishing our backyard. Well its done! Yay! Well, not done done, but when is yard work ever really done? But we have sprinklers, grass, edging and lovely dirt to eventually plant stuff in, and Saturday Ryan got our swing set up! Yay! The kids, well mostly Beth, were so excited! The new sod had to be left alone for a couple of weeks so we were all itching to get to try it out, so we had fun playing on it and laying in it, and Ryan even had fun mowing it I think. Its great and beautiful and GREEN! Here are a few pictures of our new fabulous yard.

Looking to the left from our back door.
Looking to the right, don't mind the huge cardboard box, it was still there from assembling the swing and I forgot it was there when I went on my picture taking spree, whoops!
The kids loving their new swing set!
James was being Daddy's big helper while he assembled the kids picnic table we got for the yard too. He was SO fascinated with the tools, especially that power drill. Wow, he played with it forever!!

I'm excited to see what else we do with the yard and eventually get yard furniture and a grill and all that good stuff, but it all takes time, (and money) so for now we are enjoying what we have. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that we actually get some nice weather for a while to enjoy it!


Emily said...

so pretty, and so GREEN! i love it! that swing set looks awesome!

annieandken said...

Tag, your it! See my blog to find out what you need to do! Congratulations on the backyard! That is very exciting, especially that it is fenced and nice, soft grass... someday...

BensonFam said...

CONGRATULATIONS! (I'm incredibly jealous by the way... the backyard that we started last September STILL has no grass. Soon though!)

Fiddlefish said...

very pretty!!! wanna come to my house and finish my backyard now? :0)
Grass/edging is in, but we have landscaping left around the patio, and a garden to get planted and a basement we are in the middle of finishing...i guess the list doesn't ever end, does it?