Friday, June 27, 2008

Mommy Sick Day

Remember those sick days when you were a kid? Curled up on the couch under your favorite blanket, on your favorite pillow? Watching a stack of your favorite movies or tv shows or sleeping as much as you wanted? Sucking on a box full on popsicles or sipping on the always full glass of juice by your side? Having mom or dad check on you and bring you chicken noodle soup if you were up to eating? Maybe stroking your hair or helping you to and from the bathroom if the case may require?

That is not what my day was like yesterday, but oh how I missed those days! I woke up at 5 am with a horrible stomach ache and knew it was going to be a mommy sick day. Of course I still had to get up when James started calling for me at around 7:15, but I hadn't been sleeping anyway, so I got up. But then I felt worse...ugh. I had to get him breakfast, double ugh. I sent Ryan off to work and about 10 second later was throwing up in the kitchen sink...lovely. Then I had to go back to feeding James his breakfast. That just does not seem right. Once I had him fed and cleaned up I got him some toys and curled up in the fetal position on the couch. I had to make a run for the bathroom about every 5 minutes and James kept needing attention for this or that, but I was alive, barely. Then beth woke up. I had to get her breakfast, ugh again. We made it through and she helped entertain James, but she kept needing things too, so every time I got comfortable I would have to get up to get something or reach something for her or unlock the gate to upstairs so they could go play. And every time I got dizzy and more nauseated. Not to mention to occasional diaper changes, I really would have rather died, but I couldn't exactly leave my kids in their waste all day...But at least I wasn't losing quiet so much fluid at this point. We all went upstairs at one point and I got to be pretty comfortable on the couch for a whole 20 minutes or so while the kids played, that was nice. I had to make mac and cheese for lunch, definitely not my favorite part of the day, but they ate it and I managed to keep down a piece of toast so things were looking up. Then it was nap time. Glorious nap time. James went down, then about 20 minutes later Beth went down and then I did too and got a whole hour and 15 minutes sleep I think. that was really great. But then I had to get up again. *sigh* I was feeling a little better, but I could seriously have slept at least 3 more hours. My house looked like a complete tornado and all 3 of us were still in our pajamas (well my kids weren't wearing any pants at this point) and Beth had yogurt in her hair so her bang her all stiff and it was nasty, but there just wasn't anything I could handle doing about any of that. I did my best to keep the kids entertained from my perch on the couch, but they got pretty stir crazy and I had to move to the floor a few times to try and keep them from going nuts. It was a LONG day. Finally daddy made it home around 5:30 and brought dinner so that I wouldn't have to cook again, thank you daddy! the kids were glad to get food and a little attention, although daddy has a sore neck so he couldn't play much either, poor kids. Anyway, we kept the kids entertained for a while, I mustered up the energy to scrub the major grime off of both of them and off to bed they went. After a decent nights sleep I feel better today, still not 100% but better than yesterday at least. I'm sure my kids will still be bored stiff today because I don't think i'll be playing very hard yet, but I might just take a shower today. Woohoo!

On the happy side yesterday, Beth was very sweet to me. She kept bringing me blankets and stuffed animals, because that's what helps her feel better. And she would occasionally stroke my hair for a minute or two and ask if it helped me feel better. She was really quite concerned about me all day. What a sweety. My friend Emily also saved my life by bringing me a bag full of gatorade. I had nothing in my house I could even think of drinking and was becoming quickly dehydrated. Thanks Emy, you are the best!

So overall, it was not my favorite day. But its just one of those things you have to survive as a mommy. Thank goodness for sweet cute kids that make being a mommy worth it!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Pictures!

So we finally got our new computer!! Woohoo!! Thank you stimulus check!! So I can actually upload new pictures now and do other things my old computer just couldn't seem to handle. Hooray! So here are a few recent pictures of our goings on.

A couple weeks ago, my sister-in-law bought us some donuts. The kids thought they were great of course, but I got the biggest kick out of watching Beth eat them. She just liked to eat the top off. That's where the frosting was, and I shouldn't have been surprised, that's how she eats cake and cupcakes and anything like that with frosting, but it was just so darn funny, here was the progression:

James has been so sweet lately. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He's also found a new love for animals. Any stuffed animal or toy animal he find gets a big hug and kiss and he loves to play with them and is trying to learn his animal sounds. Though as the moment most animals are doggies and he is mostly good at barking. He has been known to moo and quack on occasion too though...

James has also become a climber, which you have probably gathered from all of his death defying stunts, but here is a visual example.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quote for the Books

Beth last night before bed "Mom, I have a surprise for you in my diaper, are you excited??" Luckily she wasn't talking about what you would think...she had found a dime and put it in her diaper, which I had just barely changed, thank heavens, and wanted to give it to me as a present. How sweet, I think...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!

Since Today is Father's Day I put together a few of my thoughts on the Father's in my life.

Ryan is pretty much a constant wonder to me. I mean, he works 10 hour days most of the time and then he comes home and helps me out and he usually get more done at home then I do all day! He plays with he kids and cleans up dinner and does dishes. Then he is usually the one who wants to do something other than sit and veg in front of the tv. Then on the weekends he does all of the yard work. To do all of that and carry the burden of having to provide and be the steward of all of us is pretty remarkable to me. The kids adore him too. They get so antsy to see him by the end of the day and I love hearing their little feet go running to great him. It is one of my favorite parts of the day. On top of all that he treats me like a queen. I really couldn't ask for a better husband or father for my kids.

Next I want to talk about Ryan's dad, my wonderful Father-in-law. I never thought I could love my in-laws as much as my own parents, but I really do. They are amazingly wonderful people. My father-in-law is so loving and kind and helpful and would do anything for us, and he's funny too! And he loves my kids so dearly. He loves them both so much, but he shares and extra special bond with James. It has been amazing to watch. It has been almost literally since birth. As soon as James could lock gaze with Grandpa he would smile and laugh before he was really old enough. It was so precious. Still James runs to Grandpa the second we arrive at their house and will prefer him whenever he is around. It is a precious bond that seems to have been forged long long ago. I adore sitting back and watching it. I have also enjoyed building a relationship of my own with him. He is great to talk to. We are in a choir together and get to spend time together driving to and from rehearsal every week and I am grateful for that time. I also love the weekly dinners we have at his house, it has given me a great opportunity to learn more about this great man and to see how my husband became as great as he is.

And lastly I want to talk about my own dad. My dad is the best. I am so lucky to have been so close to my dad throughout my life, and especially my childhood. I love being a daddy's girl! I felt so lucky to have a dad who spent so much time with me when I was a kid. I, of course, can't talk about my dad without mentioning all the roadtrips we took. I loved being the navigator and it taught me great skills I still use all the time. I don't really have a great memory in general, but the memories of our trips to fill magazine racks, our trips across Nevada, our visits to Circus Circus, our trip to Yosemite, our trip to Nauvoo and New York, our drive to Philadelphia and so many many others are indelibly written in my mind. We've shared so much and I can never be grateful enough for that and for the love that I know my dad has for me because he showed it in the time he took with me and still takes for me. I know he would sacrifice anything for me and I love him so much!

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful dad's in my life. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Ryan and I would like to go on a little family vacation. Nothing extravagant. Nothing long. Nothing expensive or terribly far from home. Does anyone have any great ideas for me? We have no idea where we could go. Ryan desperately needs a break from work but we want to really have a plan before he takes time off. I know all of you out there are great vacationers, give me your brilliant ideas!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Will he Survive?

I'm seriously starting to wonder if my son is going to live to see his 2nd birthday! His curiosity and new climbing abilities just might do him in. In the last two days he has: fallen down a flight of stairs, fallen off of a table that he was standing on King Kong Style, fallen head over heals of the end of the couch, and been caught playing with a steak knife! How did he get a steak knife? We still aren't sure. Goodness, I'm starting to feel like a really bad mother! I guess I should learn the signs of broken bones and concussions...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petroleum Jelly

Any ideas on how to get vaseline out of throw pillows? Blankets? Clothes? Walls? Yes, these are serious questions. Because you see, my son is trying to be the death of me. I got out of the shower this morning to find the lid, yes just the lid, of our large bottle of vaseline sitting on my bathroom floor. I of course am terrified to see where the rest of the bottle is. But just then James comes waltzing into the bathroom covered up to his elbows in vaseline, not to mention his shirt. Grining from ear to ear. More terror. I go racing through the house, dripping wet in my towel, that is now covered in vaseline since I just used it to wipe James down, and find the very gooey bottle sitting in the middle of my living room floor, on a blanket, thank heavens. There is a big glob on one of my favorite throw pillows (Ryan has always hated them, so he'll probably be relieved), but didn't see a ton more, but at this point I couldn't see a darn thing cause I wasn't wearing glasses or contacts and I was just trying to get the bottle and any major catastrophies taken care of since I was in a small towel and all my blinds were OPEN. So I hurry and get dressed and get some eye wear in and come to check out the damage. Luckily he doesn't seem to have done too much. There are a few handprints and the aforementioned pillow and blanket, but I'm still living in fear that I am going to find a big glob of it somewhere, it is kind of clear and hard to see until I go stepping in it or something. Ugh. Seriously, Beth never got into stuff as much as James. Did I tell you about his new fascination with shoving things down the AC vents? Oh yeah. You should see the loads of stuff I've pulled out in the last 3 days...sheesh!! Haven't I been through enough lately!! Motherhood, i'm sure these will all be funny stories some day...It's a good thing he's cute!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pretty Toes!

On Friday Night I got to have a mommy night out with a couple of my great friends. We went and got fabulous pedicures. (I also got my eyebrows waxed because my pedicure lady reminded how badly it was needed.) It was relaxing and wonderful! We just talked and enjoyed the massage chairs and the indulgence of it all, and then when we were thoroughly pampered we went and bought small vats of ice cream each. Mmmmm. I need nights like those more often. Here are my toes results, don't you love the flowers!? I forgot to get a picture with all of us, doh!

And of course, the next morning Beth was very jealous of my pink toes, and had to immediately get hers painted and a picture to prove it. Its a very light pink so its hard to see in the picture, but I have to post it just for her.

The Bippy

As some of you may recall, my children refer to their favorite blankets as their bippies. It is a tradition that goes back to Ryan's oldest brother and was carried through all of his siblings and the majority of the grandchildren thus far. I'm not totally sure of the whole story behind it, all I know is my children have bippies, and they are VERY attached to them. Beth is starting to ease up on that attachment a little, but they (she has two of them, they are almost identical, she is okay with just one of the two but perfers to have both) are essential for sleeping and after any major trauma. James, on the other hand, is at the peak of his attachment. He adores his blanket. He likes to chew on it, its kinda gross, but he loves it and it makes him happy, so i'm not gonna complain. I just have to pry it away every once and a while to wash it because it starts to smell rather funky pretty quickly. :) I have looked every where for another one so I have a backup during washing, but so far I have come up empty handed, except that there is another family in our ward that has one, and I am seriously considering paying them for it. I'm starting to get desperate here! Yesterday we lost it, briefly, but it was about a half hour of terror and tears (from me, James hadn't noticed it was missing yet, thank heavens). We went shopping at JC Penney and then out to lunch yesterday morning, as we were headed back to the car after lunch, I realized the bippy was gone, bad, bad, very bad. I frantically started thinking back and realized I hadn't seen it since Penney's so back we went. Nothing in the lost and found. Fear. Nothing in the baby clothes section. Terror. Nothing in the dress section. Panic. Nothing in the dressing room. Tears start to well. Then out of the corner of my eye I see a familiar yellow corner sticking out from underneath a table in the corner by where you hang up clothes you aren't going to buy. Remember James fascination with hiding things? Aparently even his bippy is not spared. I can't even tell you how relieved I was! I'm sure he would eventually survive without his blanket, i'm sure kids have done it before, but I don't really want to test those waters. So now I have a renewed desire to find a backup. I might have to cut it in half if I get desperate enough, but I'm not there yet (I'm not sure how James would handle that). So, to all of my wonderful cyber friends, keep your eyes open for this blanket:
(Please ignore the nastiness of the blanket, I washed it immediately after taking this picture and realizing how bad it was getting...)
It is made by Child of Mine by Carter's. Its kind of a thick cotton-knit or something, i'm no fabric expert. If I recall correctly I bought the original at Walmart (I think?) and it came in a two pack of blankets with a blue one of the same style, only it had balls and baseball gloves or something on the back (he pooped all over that one when he was tiny and it got ruined). If you find it, let me know where or buy it and I will pay you back plus tips!! I would be forever indebted.