Thursday, July 3, 2008

101 Things

My cousin Emily and my sister Debbie both did this recently, and I've had a few other friends do it too and it looked like fun, so I thought I would give it a try. Let's see if I can even come up with 101 things about myself...

1. I am constantly making lists, but I don't always write them down, which ends up irritating me.
2. I love making my bed, which would probably shock my mother cause it was definitely not always that way.
3. I wish I was organized, but I am really not.
4. I crave people, I have to talk to people on a regular basis or I go nutty.
5. I enjoy talking to perfect strangers. I get it from my parents.
6. I love babies.
7. I want to have more babies.
8. I love being pregnant, even though I get huge and uncomfortable.
9. I desperately want to nurse a baby even though I failed miserably with both of my other kids and it was a horrible experience with both of them.
10. I yell at my kids too much.
11. My kids watch too much TV.
12. I watch too much TV.
13. I love to watch movies and TV.
14. I like to read, but I can't put a book down once I start so my family gets neglected.
15. I love candy.
16. I love eating out at restaurants.
17. I don't like taking my kids to restaurants.
18. I'm pretty lazy.
19. I like to swim.
20. I love hot showers.
21. I really like coming to peoples rescue.
22. I love attention.
23. I would love to be a wedding or event planner, or own a wedding dress store.
24. If I could afford it I would get a tummy tuck, I have lots of excess skin from my huge pregnancies.
25. I would love to get regular massages. (like at least once a month)
26. I am indecisive.
27. I always want to change my hair but never know what to do to it.
28. I love to cuddle, my husband, my kids...doesn't matter.
29. I love to be touched.
30. I love having my hair played with.
31. I love rocking my baby to sleep, even though he's getting too big.
32. I love to sing.
33. I love when people complement my singing.
34. I'm a little vain.
35. I'm extremely paranoid that Ryan is going to die tragically.
36. I'm afraid of cancer.
37. I'm afraid my children are going to die because of something I do wrong.
38. I wish I wrote in my journal more.
39. I wish I could lose 10 more pounds.
40. I have a very vivid imagination, I scare myself with it a lot.
41. Nap time is one of my favorite times of day, does that make me a bad mom?
42. I wish I knew how to decorate my house.
43. I want to be a good photographer.
44. I hope I don't annoy people.
45. I want more friends.
46. I love girls nights out.
47. I envy people with lots of friends.
48. I envy people with great style.
49. I want a new wardrobe.
50. I wish my house were cleaner.
51. I'm trying really hard to be a better person so that I can be a better example to my kids.
52. I wish I got to see my sisters more. I think I could learn a lot from them. Plus I just like them.
53. I wish I could see my brothers more too. They are funny!
54. I wish I were funny.
55. I wish I were keeping up my musical skills more.
56. I want people to admire me, but I don't really think I'm admirable.
57. I love being a hostess, but I'm not really that great at it, but I keep trying!
58. I am on too many medications.
59. I'm afraid I'm going to accidentally get pregnant while on all these medications and my baby will have two heads or something.
60. I get migraines. I hate it.
61. I'm a whiner.
62. I am pretty generous to my friends and neighbors.
63. I try hard to make friends.
64. I love music.
65. I don't like my body.
66. I love shoes, but almost all shoes hurt my feet. Sad.
67. I am super curious about everything, especially other people's business.
68. My daughter's hug and kisses are some of my favorite things.
69. My son's smile is another one of my favorite things.
70. I love spending time with family.
71. I don't like the heat.
72. I don't really like the cold either.
73. I absolutely love Christmas time.
74. I love all Holidays. Any excuse to party or see family. Or eat food.
75. I wish I knew how to cook well.
76. I hate touching raw meat.
77. I'm a fairly picky eater.
78. I love steak.
79. I love getting dressed up fancy.
80. But mostly I wear pajamas or t-shirts and jeans.
81. I love the Olympics.
82. I secretly wish I could be an Olympic Athlete.
83. I am a gigantic BYU fan.
84. I get very defensive when people bash BYU.
85. I sing the BYU fight song to my kids when they are babies. Call it brainwashing if you want.
86. I frequently look at pictures of my wedding flowers, I loved them that much.
87. I wish I had some brilliant little side business that would let me buy clothes and fun stuff whenever I felt like splurging.
88. I drink water almost exclusively except on rare special occasions.
89. I don't like lemon in my water.
90. I am a terrible artist.
91. I am a decent writer.
92. I wish I was creative enough to write a good novel.
93. I would like to write children's books.
94. I hope my kids always want to be close to me.
95. I sort of want to home school my kids.
96. I don't think I can handle home schooling my kids.
97. My kids were both c-sections.
98. I'm sort of grateful that I will probably never experience normal labor, but feel ripped off at the same time.
99. I consider myself a "jack of all trades, master of none" i'm okay at lots of things, but not really good at anything...oh well!
100. I initiated the relationship with my husband.
101. I am obsessed with my birthday. It's in a month and two weeks in case you were wondering. :)

Wow, it was really hard coming up with that many things! I hope you learned a little something about me, and that you aren't too disgusted with what you learned. Haha. Your turn!


Emily said...

Diane, that was so fun! I wish I had hung out with you when I lived close to you. bummer.

1. ME TOO! Then I forget the list when I'm trying to write it down. Drives me nuts.
10-14. Ditto.
41. no it does not. i think every mom feels that way.
76. I'm that way with chicken, but other meats are fine. How weird.

You're cute and fun. You don't need to try hard for friends!

Anonymous said...

many of those sounded familiar. I think we are all more alike than we realize. Thanks for playing!

Fiddlefish said...

Very fun post. How was your 4th of July?


Nicole said...

I absoulutly LOVED reading all of that about you! You do have a gorgeous voice, you are a great friend, I love how you have designed your home and all the gorgeous upgrades you've done, and you are a fabulous, fabulous mom!! Lets open a bridal store together too, or some kid of event planning business! Fun!