Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So I haven't blogged in forever and I am going into withdrawal, but I don't really know what to blog about... We had all sorts of family adventures lately, but I was a very bad blogger and took no pictures what so ever. Bad Diane! So I guess you will get the boring picture-less version of the story.

For Pioneer Day we went down to Provo and spent the afternoon partying at my sister Doneen's house. She has a big party every year for the 4th of July, but they were out of town this year so it was postponed until the 24th. There were a good 40 people there, lots of food, Barbecue, and its was HOT, but we had a good time. We didn't stay for fireworks cause our kids were tired, but it was fun seeing lots of family and friends.

Friday was another family filled day. We had a family reunion down in Provo again. My mom had been in charge of a reunion for my grandmother's side of the family and it was great fun. We all managed to not die of heat exhaustion. We ate sloppy joes and cookies and ice cream. My sister Doneen was there with her kids, of course, Danielle with her kids, Dion and Summer with their kids, and my brother Daren who lives in New Mexico drove up with 3 of his kids to join the festivities and it was great to see a bunch of my nieces and nephews all in one place. Man are they all good looking kids! We are all in big trouble as parents...sheesh! My dad took a bunch of pictures with his new fancy camera, i'll have to get some of them and show you what I am talking about! It was good to see cousins and Aunts and Uncles and distant relatives too.

In other news, James has finally mastered (or mostly mastered) the skill of the stairs. He has been going up them for ages now, but would not let me teach him to come down. Beth was the same way. She had to teach herself and it made me completely crazy! James finally went down a stair or two a few days ago and decided that was great fun, so yesterday, much to my fear he decided to try going down the whole flight. He won't do it if I am by him, so I just had to sit at the bottom and hope he knew what he was doing. He made it just fine and cheered for himself when he reached the bottom, clapping and saying "I did it!" Its the cutest thing in the world when he does that. He loves to cheer for himself. So now of course all he wants to do is go up and down the stairs. It still makes me terribly nervous, but he is still alive with all bones in tact so I should just relax.

Beth is currently potty training a doll. I read in a book it was a good technique for getting her more ready and motivated to potty train herself, so we've been doing it and man she loves it! That doll pees on the potty so much! We've got the routine down and Beth will do the routine herself after the baby does it, with no success, but its a step in the right direction, hopefully we'll be down to one kid in diapers before too terribly long.

I'm sorta surviving day by day lately. My house seems to be in a constant state of pit no matter what I do, and the kids are keeping my crazy. I've had some issues with not feeling great due to some side effects of my medication, so that makes it hard to do a whole lot. I haven't exercised once since the triathlon. bad, bad, bad! Apparently I have to have a goal to work toward or I am just not motivated at all. You know how it is when you set all these goals for yourself and you do really well for a while acheiving them and you feel really good about yourself, and then for some reason or another you start to slack? That's where I am. I've slacked off on everything and it just hit me the other day that I'm not doing anything I was doing a month or two ago that was making me feel so much better about where I was. Guess its time to get back on the bandwagon. I wonder what it is that pushes me off? I never can seem to figure that out...Sorry, guess i'm feeling sort of pensive and self-critical today.

Anyway, that's our update. I'll get some pictures up soon. :)

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Emily said...

I know EXACTLY how that is. I did the triathlon last year and then didn't exercise for 8 months. I'm not joking. And after I got married, I figured "hey, I made my goal of getting married in the temple!" and stopped reading scriptures and regular personal prayer completely for longer than I'm willing to admit. IT's a very strange phenomenon. i was so happy to see you at the reunion and talk a little bit, it was really fun. You look GREAT.