Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Birthday- Part 1

So my birthday began with surprise #1. Ryan had taken the day off to spend with me! What a nice guy, huh? So once the kids were up (I was allowed to sleep in until 8!) we went out to breakfast to IHOP. Gotta love IHOP. mmm, bacon.... While we were there Ryan gave me one of my presents. A memory card, the kind used in digital cameras, hmm, I'm still thinking my big present must be waiting at home, what do you think?? So we headed home and Ryan finally ended the torture and gave me my big present. That's right my friends, a new beauty of a camera! A Nikon D60!!

Man alive is it a beautiful thing! I was SO excited! We had a little bit of a scare, because there was something you could see in the view finder but it wasn't any place that we could get to to clean it off, so we thought maybe it was a scratch or crack and we were going to have to send it back, I was devastated. So we hurried over to the nearest camera store to have them give their opinion and with their handy-dandy camera cleaning blower dealy they were able to clean it out and all was well with the world again! And on went my fabulous day and my picture taking, a LOT of picture taking!

Our first stop? Tracy Aviary! The kids were totally fascinated with the birds and it allowed me plenty of picture taking opporunities, here are a few favorites. I took over 90 pictures there, so i'll spare you them all. Haha.

So fun...so at this point we were all getting a little warm and ready to be done with the birds, so we moved on to Birthday-part 2!

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Emily said...

Oh WOW, how fun! Has it been hard learning how to use it, or is it pretty self-explanatory?