Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Birthday- Part 3

Part- 3 was a family party! Woohoo, party time! My sister-in-law Summer has a birthday this week too, so we were celebrating for both of us. We had a yummy dinner of spaghetti and lots of garlic bread, followed by not one, but two coldstone ice cream cakes! Yummy!

Of course the best part of family parties is the cast of characters. And trust me, there are some characters at my family parties! Haha. And I just love watching all of the cousins getting to hang out and enjoy time together. I love getting to spend time with my family, I wish I got to do it more! After eating we got to spend lots of time talking and just enjoying eachother, and then of course there were presents. What birthday girl doesn't like presents?

After all the festivites were done the kids went home cheerfully and went straight to bed and I got to open my last present on the day, the final book of the twilight series, (woohoo, I can finally read it!!) and then watch a little Lost. All in all it was a fabulous birthday! I got a little introspective at the end of the day, as I think a lot of us do on our birthdays, wondering if we are doing enough with our lives, and it bummed be out a little. But, looking back on the day, I couldn't stay bummed out because I have a WONDERFUL husband whom I adore, and who would do anything for me, two great kids whom I love and that love me, and a fabulous, supportive, loving family that I actually want to spend time with. There really isn't a whole lot more I could ask for out of my 26 years so far. So here is to another great year. Thanks to all of my friends and family who have made this year great. Love ya!


Nicole said...

Girl, you know how to love it up for your birthday!!! I LOVE IT!!

Phillip and Mary said...

Happy Birthday! I am so glad you got that wonderful camera...it's obvious you will enjoy it! Miss you!

Trenda said...

Wow! You really did CELEBRATE! Good for you! Happy Birthday!