Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I have been dealing with throw-up from one member of my family or another for over a week now. My house is in complete disarray. I have laundry up to my eyeballs. I've had to keep up with the barf laundry, but the normal laundry is getting out of control. Ryan and I have actually washed a lot of it, but NOTHING has been put away and is just in piles everywhere. The sink is full of dishes, every pot or pan we own is dirty. My carpet desperately needs to be cleaned now, and there is a faint smell in the air that is rather unpleasant. My couch needs to be sanitized (thank goodness for Leather) and I need to re-sanitize all the toys, AGAIN. *sigh* I am frazzled to the bone.

Today was supposed to be Beth's first day of Joy School, she was SO excited. So was I. But she couldn't go because even though we thought she was all better having gone almost 36 hours with no barf, she then she made up for it...ugh. I took her to the pediatrician today and she said everything seems fine and this virus just likes to cause relapses and she should be okay very soon. But, I hope that means she is DONE throwing up, because I'm pretty sure I can't handle any more, none, zero, zilch.

So if anyone tries to find me in the next few days and just finds a huddled mass clutching a bag of cookies or other junk food that will completely destroy my diet, don't be surprised, that's pretty much how I feel. I'm sure I'll survive...right? Somebody remind me that I will survive! Otherwise I might run screaming. *sigh*


Emily said...

you WILL survive! it's going to be okay! i'm so so so sorry for you. i woke up feeling achy/flu-y today, then took a nap around 1 and felt much better. then isaac came out of my bedroom (we took a nap together!) and threw up ALL OVER ME. i was seriously covered. thank goodness for leather is right. tomorrow is noah's birthday and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't get it too.

Phillip and Mary said...

I completely sincerely wish I was there to help. "This too shall pass"!!!!!! You may even look back on it and giggle one day. One day far, far away from today!

BensonFam said...

EWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Throw up and sick kids EASILY tops my list of least favorite things ever. I am so sorry!!! Let me know if there's anything you need!!!

Summer said...

I'll chime in and remind you that you'll survive, as well. It might take some sobbing and ranting and raving, but you'll get through it! What a tough week!

Fiddlefish said...

Diane I am soooooooo sorry. Should I send a bottle or two (or three) of Lysol or Pinesol to your house? I'd be glad to bring dinner to our hubbies work for Ryan to take back home.