Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Brother

Today is the 22nd anniversary of my brother Darryl's death from Leukemia. Obviously I was very young, but I remember it. I remember that day, but mostly I remember days before that of spending time with my oldest brother. He was 20 years my senior, but he always took the chance to play with me and make me feel special. That's just who he was. He was one of the most extraordinary, brilliant, kind and loving people you could know. I often think of him. I often miss him, even still. But, I know without a doubt that he is in Heaven, waiting for all of us. He is being a missionary, something he loved more than anything. And I KNOW that I will see him again. We are an eternal family thanks to my parents temple marriage and we will all be together again. I can never say how grateful I am for that knowledge. So here's to you Darryl. Love you!


Emily said...

I have a few memories of Darryl (very few) but I do remember playing Tiger with him in our basement, and him giving me horsey rides on his back. But one of my most vivid memories from childhood is his funeral. I even remember the dress you wore, isn't that weird (but I don't remember mine)? We all loved him. Can't wait to see him again someday.

Dan and Donna said...

Diane, thank you for this wonderful blog. I thought of Darryl so much last week and felt that he must have been thinking about us as well. He was such a wonderful son that cared so much for everyone else. I'm grateful he is there with grandparents and others that he loved so much. mom