Monday, October 13, 2008

Basement Update #1

So its been a couple of weeks now since we bought the lumber for our basement and I thought I would share the progress. Here are a few photos that show some of it.

Here is my wonderful Father-in-law who is helping us so much standing in what will be the bathroom. (there is more framing done now, this picture was taken a few days ago).
This is the entrance to the office/bedroom on the Left and the storage room on the right.

The framing is almost done!! There are just three small walls to put up and a few little finishing touches, but otherwise the basement is framed. It's really fun to see our vision coming to past. I've been describing to people our plans for almost two years now, but now you can really see where things are going to be and it's exciting! The framing should be done by tonight and then the work of electrical and HVAC begins. If there is anyone out there (especially the Aune's :) ) who wants to lend their expertise or time it would be appreciated! Fun times. I'll keep you all posted, so pretend you care. :)


Emily said...

I DO care. I love stuff like this!

em said...

We would be glad to help. HVAC we hired out but electrical we did all ourselves. I can come in the day and run electrical boxes or we can both come one or two nights. Just let us know when.

Nicole said...

Of course we care!! What fun seeing your basement go up. Just think of the extra room, space, storage etc. It will be great. I am glad you have the help too, it goes faster and is easier on your hubby!

Stacey said...

I am so jealous! Seriously! I wish we had the extra money right now to buy a 2 x 4, let alone finish the basement! ;)

I look forward to seeing it done!

Carrie said...

Good luck! That's a lot of work!!
It was fun to see you at girls night!! I enjoy your blog!!

Carrie said...

Looks like a lot of work! Good luck!! I enjoy reading our blog. It was fun to see you at girls night! We should hang out sometime soon!

cygnl7 said...

Ryan and your Father-in-law are simply too fast. We took a lot more time to frame.

It's exciting to see a new project going. Good luck with it all! I'll be more than happy to help with the breaking-in of the carpet when you're to that point.