Thursday, October 23, 2008

Birthday Girl!

Three years ago today I was going pretty much insane waiting for my baby to arrive. I had wanted her pretty much my whole life and I couldn't wait to meet her, and I was incredibly uncomfortable with my huge belly, so I was definitely ready for her to arrive!

After arriving at the hospital for my scheduled induction, I got in the hospital gown and tried to calm my nerves. My life was about to change forever. After 9 hours of antibiotics, pitocin, labor, and not a whole lot of progress the nurses and doctors discovered she was coming face first and upside-down so they determined that a c-section was the only way to get her delivered. I was nervous, but very ready.

After just a few minutes of being in that strange operating room, she was here. 4:46 pm, 8lbs. 13 oz. of beautiful baby girl. I couldn't believe it. And still to this day I can't believe I am lucky enough to be her mom.

She is dramatic. She is joyful. She is loving. She is TALKATIVE. She is social. She is so much like my sometimes it's scary, and yet so different too. She is sweet beyond words. She is my trial, my love, my joy, my everything. My baby girl. She's not a baby anymore though, she's a big, strong willed, opinionated, do-it-yourself 3-year-old. How does time fly so fast? How did she go from this?

To this?

To this?

To this??

In a blink of an eye? She definitely changed my world and I would never go back. I love her with all my heart despite the struggles she gives me sometimes. :) Happy Birthday my sweet girl. I love you and everything about you and I hope you always know that.

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Emily said...

Happy birthday cutie pie! What a fun post. I love these kinds of stories. How was your recovery from a c-section? I have a friend who just had twins and she said it's been so hard. Anyway, happpy birthday to your baby girl!