Saturday, October 25, 2008

Party Central

48 Cupcakes, 12 friends, lots of family, 8 goodie bags, 3 parties, 2 cakes, more little mermaid paraphernalia then should be allowed, balloons, treats, beaded necklaces, tiaras, jewelry...and we are finally done with celebrating for this week. I guess Beth likes to party like her mom!

It started Thursday with Beth's actual birthday. She woke up to presents and balloons. Then she had a party with her Joy School including princess movies and cupcake decorating. That evening we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Owen's house for Pizza, cake and more presents. Then today we had her big friend party with decorations galore, cheese rolls, more cupcake decorating, games, coloring, puzzles, and of course, more presents. What a spoiled girl!! She loved every minute of it though, and although it stressed me out a bit, in the end it was really fun to do all this for my little princess. It was just so fun for her this year. She was really into presents, really into friends, she was just thrilled with everything which made it more rewarding. I love my sweet girl!

Beth on her birthday. Told you, she's my princess! Please ignore the black eye...
Here's the cake I made for her party at Grandma's. She's really into Little Mermaid right now...well, any princess really.
I wonder what she wished for? Any guesses?
Do you see the look on her face? She was so excited about EVERY present! It was so cute.
Here's one of Beth's cute little friends showing off her cupcake creation at today's party.
Did I mention that James also enjoyed the partying? Cause if there is food and friends, James is a happy camper!
The Little Mermaid table and basket of goodie bags. I also had Ariel things hanging from the ceiling, an Ariel "Happy Birthday" sign, Ariel balloons, Ariel crowns for the guests, and a streamer "waterfall" in the doorway to the hall, not to mention the Ariel cups, plates, napkins etc. Sheesh. Can we say overboard! Like I said, party central!!


Emily said...

wow, that cake looks amazing! great job! happy birthday to your princess.

Amber Miskin said...

When did you get so good at cakes? That's adorable! I'm not sure if I'll ever get there! Did your sister help you? :) Glad Beth had such a great time!

Summer said...

I am impressed! I'm tired just thinking of all that partying! When are we having an October b-days family shindig? Who else is in Oct? Just Darryl?

Diane Owen said...

I did the cake all by myself! I've been trying to learn for a while. I took a class a few weeks ago, and got a kit for Christmas. It wasn't anything terribly special...I'm working on it though!

BensonFam said...

You did such a great job with that party - I am very proud! My favorite moment was when Beth answered the door and said "Livvy! I am having a birthday!!!"