Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Thankful for...

I'm most thankful for my family. Not just my little family, but my fantastic extended family as well. I don't know what I would do without my husband, and kids, and parents, and in-laws and everyone else that is such a wonderful part of my life.

I'm also thankful for my friends. Having friends that support me and understand me and help me whenever I need them is a huge comfort to me.

I'm always thankful for my kids who love me unconditionally, no matter how many times I fail to be a perfect mother. Their constant affection makes it possible for me to get through the hard toddler times and realize that I have the best job in the entire world.

I'm thankful for my house where we can live and always be safe and comfortable.

I'm eternally thankful for my husband. He has changed my life for the better since the day I met him. I would not be able to do all I do without his love and support and I cannot imagine what my life would be like without him. He works so hard for us and is a fantastic husband and father, I couldn't ask for anything more.

I'm thankful for my choir, The Sterling Singers, and the opportunity I have to sing with them and feel the tangible spirit that is with us when we are singing praises to the Lord. I love having music in my life and it helps me fill my lamp a little bit more every week.

I'm grateful for my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and my knowledge of the Lord's plan for us. I don't think I could deal with the little trials in life, let alone the big ones without the knowledge the church has given me. Knowing that I will have my family forever and that the Lord will always hear and answer my prayers in one of my greatest comforts in life.

Of course, there are endlessly more things I am grateful for. I am so blessed. I'm grateful for this day that allows me to reflect and see how the blessings are overflowing in my life. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008


The game was sad. The game was depressing. We don't want to dwell on it. But I thought this picture was too cute to ignore. My little BYU fan, and my big UTE fan sharing a bowl of guacamole.

James was so into the whole thing, dancing around yelling touchdown, and of course enjoying the NUMEROUS game snacks I made. Thanks Emily and Cameron for coming over to watch the game with us. At least I got to enjoy good company...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hair Pictures

Here are the promised hair pictures. I hate taking pictures of myself, I can't ever get it quite right. I guess I should have waited until Ryan was home, but these will have to do! Oh, and please ignore the pile of dirty clothes on the floor behind me...pretend that didn't happen.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I've been lacking in blog ideas lately. I have the desire to blog, just not much to blog here is a random blog for you.

We are getting bids for fireplaces and drywall for out basement today. Woohoo! We started insulating on Saturday, its coming right along!

Beth is still doing well on the potty except the whole pooping thing. She will be successful and then hold it until she has an explosion...what is this?? (Sorry if i'm grossing you out.)

James has turned into a royal force of destruction. As I was typing this sentence he poured a bowl of crackers out on the table and commenced smashing them all to smithereens. And here is photographic evidence that he is the messiest eater know to man. These noodles were spread all the way across the kitchen, not just on the table by him. He threw a clump every time I turned around. Ugh. Good thing he's so cute. (He just got the crackers again AFTER I cleaned them up and continues to smash...)

Beth insisted on wearing a crown to church yesterday because a princess just isn't a princess without her crown. At least she picked her small one...

I'm getting VERY tired of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White. Any one have some OTHER princess movies we can watch???

Its almost noon and my house is still in reasonable shape (aside from the smashed crackers). Of course that could be because all we've done is watch the movies I mentioned above. I know, mother of the year...It's just one of those days.

I detest laundry. That could be why James wore clothes that didn't fit to church yesterday. Sheesh. I really am mother of the year!

Okay, just to prove I can be a good mom is a picture of my kids painting with water colors. See, a constructive non-tv activity!

I could really use some junk food right about now. Like the kind pictures below from the latest family party. Mmmm. Krispy Kreme. Mmmm. Brownies. I feel 5 pounds heavier just thinking about it, but I would do it anyway.

I got my hair cut and colored on Saturday. I really like it. I don't have any pictures yet, and I didn't really do it today, but I'll take some one of these days. The cut isn't drastic, just lots of layers. The color is fun though. "Mocha" and a some carmelish color. Next time I think I'll do lots of the Mocha, I like it a LOT!

Okay, I think that's it for the random thoughts today. As you can tell its a lazy day around here, but that's okay. We all need that once in a while, right??

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So, for those of you who don't know, I'm in a choir called the Sterling Singers. I LOVE IT! We have so much fun, and we work really hard. Its great "me" time every week (this month, twice a week!). We are preparing right now for our big Christmas concert! Woohoo! We are the opening night of the Christmas on Temple Square concert series. We were initially only going to have one concert, but because the first performance sold out in less than 48 hours, they added a second show! As of this morning, there were still tickets available, so if you like that sort of thing, I would highly recommend getting yourself some tickets! The tickets are free, but you do have to reserve them. I might have a few extras later on, but if you want to be sure and go, I would call TODAY! Of course, there will be a stand-by line that night and according to the temple square people you are pretty much gauranteed to get in if you stand in it (unless like 2000 people come stand in it or something :) ). The concert is the weekend after the lights go on, so it'll be well worth the visit! So go to and get some tickets!

We will also be doing a fireside December 14th, and another concert December 21st that will be great, but this is our big show. We will be combined with another choir and an Army band, its a big deal! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Little Piece of Heaven

Ok, I have a secret to share. The secret to a few moments of pure bliss. Are you ready?

First, get someone to watch your kids, that's the hard part. Then find a good deep one of these:

Fill it up with nice hot water, soak, and while soaking in the nice hot water, eat this:

I'm telling you it is glorious! I experienced this moment of bliss this weekend when Ryan and I got a night away. My wonderful Sister-in-law Summer stayed over night with our kids, and her kids (brave woman!) so Ryan and I could get a much needed night away. Ryan has been stressed beyond belief and I knew I needed to get him to relax for a little while so off we went to the Little America! Our room was fabulous! It was on the top floor with a balcony you could walk out on with a view of all of downtown. We went to dinner at The Garden and then went back to the room where I experienced the a fore mentioned moments of bliss. Unfortunately, I didn't sleep very well because I've had this head cold that has made me miserable, but its was still a fabulous night out. We lazed around in the morning, I got ANOTHER bath and then we had a great breakfast in the hotel before we headed home. It really is amazing what 18 hours away from home, and messes, and kids can do for you! I was extremely happy to get home and see my kids and I enjoyed all of their little quirks and cute things they do. Whew, mom sure needed that! Thanks again Summer and, of course, thanks to Ryan for going with me and making it so great and allowing my to pamper myself a little!

On another note, we spoke in church yesterday. It was terrifying. But, I think it went fairly well. I'm glad its over!

And one more update, Beth is still doing SO well in the potty-training department! We just had our first outing sans diapers or pull-ups and it went great! She's still not 100%, the whole #2 thing is a little tricky for her, but she's staying dry and it makes me over the moon excited! Woohoo!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Pictures!

I know I already posted today, but I just got the kids Halloween pictures and they are fantastic! My good friend Teresa in my ward took them and they turned out so great! So here is the official unveiling of the costumes and some of my favorite pictures!

There are a whole bunch more, I will have to share a few every now and then. They are too cute! Thanks Teresa!!


I never in my life thought seeing someone go pee on the toilet would be such an amazing and miraculous and glorious occasion! We are finally making strides in potty training with Beth and I am over the moon about it! Yesterday she only had 1 dirty pull-up during the day and the rest of the time she informed me she needed to go potty, actually went to the potty, and stayed dry in the process! It was a miracle! 3 of the times were even away from home, and one of them was at Joy School and I wasn't even there! Amazing! Fantastic! I know we still have a ways to go, and today might not go as well as yesterday, but the fact that I know she can do it and I'm seeing a light at the end of the annoying tunnel makes me thrilled. She's growing up, and its great! I miss her baby-hood occasionally, but she's really in a stage that is lots of fun and seeing the huge strides she's making in growing up every day makes me happy!

On another note...Its snowing! This time of year makes me so happy. I walk around with this giddiness inside me all the time. I love the holiday season! I always feel it has officially begun when we get a good snow. Sure, snow is a pain with kids, its cold and wet and messy, but sitting here watching it fall outside my window gives me a thrill. I love seeing the world so clean and white. I love sipping hot chocolate and watching it fall. I loving prepping for Thanksgiving and buying Christmas presents. I love listening to a little Christmas music now and then (not full-time until after Thanksgiving, but I do indulge from time to time in November, don't tell Ryan!). I love that there is music about the Savior played on the radio all the time. I love how happy this time of year makes most people. I love that this time of year makes me think about the Savior more and gets me grounded in my faith again. I love that it gives me time to think about my numerous blessings. Its just all around great. I usually don't get too stressed, its not worth it to me. I would much rather enjoy the season and not get everything done perfectly. Anyway, I think you get the gist. I love it. (now if only I didn't have to speak in church next week life would be grand)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I decided it was about time I got around to posting about Halloween before I totally lost interest due to laziness. :)

Thursday Beth had a Halloween program at Joy School. It was short, but quite adorable. They sang 3 songs and did a little costume parade and they had decorated cupcakes for the guests, and my favorite was their bow at the end of the program. Too cute! Is that skunk not the cutest thing you have ever seen? The second picture is them singing their Jack-o-lantern song.

Then on Friday we had a fun-filled, candy-FILLED day! Ryan's work had a trick-or-treat party at the office, I went thinking it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but it was crazy! A bunch of the employees were dressed up, there were TONS of kids, and almost every cubicle in the office had candy to hand out. The kids made a major candy haul! Of course I had promised trick-or-treating to the neighbors too, so we did a little of that after dinner. Then, as is tradition, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Owen's house to see all the cousins in costume and have a little treat with all the family. Then grandpa took all of the older kids trick-or-treating to his street. As is quite obvious from this explanation, the kids got more candy than any child, or adult for that matter, should have. But they loved it! They were both excited about the treats of course, but I think their favorite was just going from door to door and showing off their costumes. My cute kids! Anyway, it was quite a succesful day and Beth can't stop asking when we get to do it again, good thing we have enough candy to last us until next Halloween! None of these are spectacular pictures of their costumes, but I have more on the way and will post them as soon as I can! They were pretty darn cute!

This is the candy after just the office party!
And here is the kid's cousine Sophie. Isn't her witch hat awesome?? I totally want one for future costumes!