Monday, November 10, 2008

Little Piece of Heaven

Ok, I have a secret to share. The secret to a few moments of pure bliss. Are you ready?

First, get someone to watch your kids, that's the hard part. Then find a good deep one of these:

Fill it up with nice hot water, soak, and while soaking in the nice hot water, eat this:

I'm telling you it is glorious! I experienced this moment of bliss this weekend when Ryan and I got a night away. My wonderful Sister-in-law Summer stayed over night with our kids, and her kids (brave woman!) so Ryan and I could get a much needed night away. Ryan has been stressed beyond belief and I knew I needed to get him to relax for a little while so off we went to the Little America! Our room was fabulous! It was on the top floor with a balcony you could walk out on with a view of all of downtown. We went to dinner at The Garden and then went back to the room where I experienced the a fore mentioned moments of bliss. Unfortunately, I didn't sleep very well because I've had this head cold that has made me miserable, but its was still a fabulous night out. We lazed around in the morning, I got ANOTHER bath and then we had a great breakfast in the hotel before we headed home. It really is amazing what 18 hours away from home, and messes, and kids can do for you! I was extremely happy to get home and see my kids and I enjoyed all of their little quirks and cute things they do. Whew, mom sure needed that! Thanks again Summer and, of course, thanks to Ryan for going with me and making it so great and allowing my to pamper myself a little!

On another note, we spoke in church yesterday. It was terrifying. But, I think it went fairly well. I'm glad its over!

And one more update, Beth is still doing SO well in the potty-training department! We just had our first outing sans diapers or pull-ups and it went great! She's still not 100%, the whole #2 thing is a little tricky for her, but she's staying dry and it makes me over the moon excited! Woohoo!!


Emily said...

ahhh,that sounds heavenly! that was so nice of summer to do that for you. i'll have to look into that for myself one of these days!

have you tried a reward for going #2? with isaac, we went to target and he got to choose a toy he wanted--anything at all, within reason of course--and we bought it. then we put it up high where he could see it and said "as soon as you do poops in the potty, you can play with your new toy." it was a great incentive. if he started having accidents, i would put the toy up high again and make him earn it back. but it worked really well for isaac.

Stacey said...

Oh I totally forgot that your night out was this week! I am glad you had fun! Baths are the best, combined with ice cream! Wow I'm surprised you came back. J/K!

Jena said...

Sounds like great fun and relaxation. Was this a secret bribe to make you speak at church?
You don't have to answer that :)
(if a getaway was included in a talk assignment, there would be a line down the hall!!)

We enjoyed your talks very much!

Fiddlefish said...

What a good example. Yeah -- I need to take David away as well. Somethings GOT to change at that "place."


Summer said...

I'm glad I could help and I'm glad you are (or were, at least) feeling refreshed! Hope your cold is getting better, too.

Amber Miskin said...

That is wonderful Di...on all accounts! It'll be nice for Jon and I to get a night out, but that won't be for a very long time now. I guess we will have time alone in the hospital in 2 weeks, but that doesn't really count does it? :)

jennybrum said...

I'm so jealous! Glad you had fun though!

Rob & Tiffanie said...

That does sound tempting, although I am to paraonid to leave all three of them and would probably worry the weekend away. One day... but for now I can go down the hall to my own bubble bath I guess. I thought you were great on Sunday. I only heard a portion of it before I was out in the hall, but the first 10 minutes were great:) I think it is fun that you married your hometeacher! It almost seems against the rules:) Aj just turned 3 and he is hit and miss with potty training and #2. "They" say it is normal to take a while to figure out what they are feeling. Doesn't make me feel to convicned when I am swishing out underwear in the potty for a 3rd time in a day:)