Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dancing Queen!

Beth started her first Ballet class a couple of weeks ago. It is pretty darn cute! I have to admit getting there and getting home and entertaining James while we are there, is sometimes a hassle, and the first week Beth wasn't so into it. But now she seems to love it, and she is ALL about the ballet clothes and shoes. The girls are all young, and most of them don't have a clue what the teacher is asking them to do, but they all love to dance around and be ballerinas. Beth's good friend from Joy School is in the class with her and that makes it all the more fun. It's exciting that Beth is now old enough to start trying things out. I keep making a list in my head of all the things I want her to try and I keep wondering which thing she will be world champion in. Hopefully I don't turn into an obnoxious mom that way... I'm trying to keep it under control :)

Her class, Beth is the one of the far left, isn't she a lovely ballerina?
The girl standing out front is her Joy-School friend.
Check out that 1st Position!
3rd Position!


Unknown said...

So cute! I just love the community ed classes - no huge long term commitment if they hate it, and if they do... you're only out twenty bucks. I'm glad she's liking it!!!

Stacey said...

So fun! I loved dance classes when I was little too! Ah memories!

Nicole said...

Oh she is such a cute ballerina!! Such a little lady! We just love that little Beth!