Monday, April 20, 2009


James just had his first swim lesson. I won't say it was a raving success, but it went much better than expected. For some reason James is a little bit of a fraidy cat, about a lot of things. He can be really brave about others, but it takes him a while to warm up to most things. We went swimming several times last year and he always liked it, but after taking the Winter off, he FREAKED when I took him last week. So, I signed him up for a mom and tot class to ease him in and teach him to like the water. I grew up in the water and loved every minute of it and want my kids to do the same! I got to the pool a little early so he could watch and adjust to the noise and everything before it was time to jump in. That was a good move, because he was ready to get in by the time it was our turn. He played along with the first several games and songs, and even let me help him float (as long as he could hold the rubber ducky the teacher had). He loved practicing "big arms" to chase the rubber duck around too. Things turned a little south when we were supposed to help the kids float on kick boards around the lazy river, he was NOT into that. After that he sort of wanted to do his own thing and would shriek like a not very well behaved child every time I tried to get him to do whatever we were supposed to be doing, but all-in-all it was better than expected. Not a lot of fear, just a lot of being two. We'll see how the rest of the weeks go. I wish I had pictures, but since I'm in the pool with him, that part is a little tricky!


Emily said...

fun! noah has that same problem--taking the winter off makes him freak out about swimming pools. but after a few days, he's right back into it. last summer, he would jump into the pool ON HIS OWN, before i had a chance to get in and get his floaties on, and would freak out if i tried to hold him. now he holds on for dear life. i hope he gets back to the brave stage quickly.

BensonFam said...

What a great idea! I wish I would have done something like that with Olivia - she is just now getting brave about swimming. We're signed up for her first swimming lessons starting in May. (Where is Beth during all of this by the way? Does she need to come play with us some of the days?)

em said...

Where are you taking lessons? I need to get Aiden into something like that.