Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm going to take a page out of my friend Jenny's book and randomly post funny things my kids say. Here is one from Beth:

"Mom, when I get baptized, make sure and bring my goggles so I can see under the water."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Larson Cup '09

This past Saturday was the annual Larson Cup Triathlon. Ryan and I did a relay team. I did the swim, he did the bike, then I brought it home with the run. It was lots of fun (I can say that now that I'm not running any more). We did the Riverton Shark Attack Triathlon. It was pouring rain some of the time, but it just kept us cool for the most part. I was happy with our time at 1:31:38. The swim was 6:39, the bike 45:04, and the run 39:10. I thought I did a little better than that on both my legs, but hey, can't argue with the stop watch I guess. Considering it took me 2:08 last year doing it all by myself, its a vast improvement. As always it was lots of fun seeing my family for all of the events. The night before we had our annual pasta pig out at my house where James ate his weight in watermelon.

Do you see that plate of rinds??

After the race we had our lunch at my cousin Delos' house where we awarded the prize belts and other prizes. So fun. Give me 2 years and I am going to give Misty (the female winner two years running) a run for her belt! I mean it! ;) I beat both of these guys in the swim at least. :)

Click here to see a few of the photos of us from the race.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

You're gonna miss this...??? REALLY???

So, maybe this is me just wallowing in my bad experiences yesterday, but I'm hoping this is one of those stories that will be funny someday (certainly not today), or at least good ammunition against my kids when they grow up!

So, the day began with a lot of good intentions. I was planning to do some Father's Day shopping and then head to the mall to let the kids get some energy out and have lunch with friends. We got to our first destination and the kids were whinny since we weren't looking at things that interested them, but it wasn't too bad. Once we got to the check-out they were both starting to freak out a little, but we were still surviving. We got to the door to head out, and of course, my cart set off the store alarm. So I had to stay put until they could ok me to leave the store and James ran out trying to get to the parking lot. So I had to abondon the cart for a bit to go rescue him before he got ran over. I got back in the store and finally found someone to help me and made it out to the car. While loading everyone and everything into the car I realized I'd left half my merchandise at the register. *sigh* So, anyway, we finally make it to the mall where the real adventrue began...

Lunch went fine, the kids actually ate and stuff, so after our friends left we headed down to the dinosaur playland for a bit. When we'd been there about 30 seconds James pooped, so I scooped him up to go change him and he starts throwing a complete fit, complete with his famous high pitched scream. The other mom's were looking at me like, "hello, can you control your child". Beth was mad too since I made her come with us to the bathroom, but I had it fairly under control. Of course, we make it to the bathroom and the one with a changing table is full, so we're waiting in the hall, James wailing and Beth whining. I realize Beth is walking around bare foot and make her put on her shoes, which begins her tantrum. So, at this point, both kids screaming their heads off, I decide to forgo the diaper change and just head to the car. The tantrums really pick up when they realize we aren't going back to dinosaur land. Oh, and did I mention I had forgotten the stroller? So I had no way to contain my screaming monsters? So, we walk through the mall while I half drag, half carry my two wailing children. We had parked by the food court, so we had to cross through the food court to get out to the car, at 12:30 in the afternoon, so it was crowded of course. Beth took to clinging to any object she could get her hands on to try and stop my progression out of the mall, one of the big mall kiosk things, a high chair that she managed to drag half way through the food court, and worst of all, the chair of some poor stranger trying to enjoy his lunch. All the while screaming bloody murder into the poor guys ear. Mostly yelling "LET GO OF ME" at the top of her lungs. People probably thought I was kidnapping them or something. I was mortified! Everyone was looking at me like I'm a horrible mother, except the few knowing smiles of a few moms. I manage to pry her off and drag the kids into the parking lot, realizing at this point that James is still barefoot, oh well. By the time we get to the car we were all in tears, and the kids were literally hoarse from all the screaming. It was awful. We proceeded home where the kids were locked into their room for nap time for about 3 hours. I needed that long to calm down. I still had to work hard to speak to Beth calmly about it when she got up. I've vowed not to take them any where ever again. Obviously, that's not going to happen, but I sure have no desire to take them anywhere any time soon! I swear I discipline my children, I swear I try and teach them to be good. I do, I promise! I don't know what the deal was...I've dealt with plenty of tantrums, I mean, I do have a 2 and 3 year old, but this one takes the cake so far. Oh the joys!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Zoo Trip and a little Wallowing.

A couple weeks ago, we went with all of Beth's joy school friends and parents to the zoo for our final joy school of the year. It was tons of fun. My particular favorite was the bird show, but James was totally obsessed with the elephants, and Beth just seemed to enjoy taking it all in, and being our map reader. Haha.

A few days later we went with more friends to the Thanksgiving Point farm country. The kids loved that too. Beth rode a pony and everything, she was so excited by it! I have pictures, but I left my camera at my friends house so all the latest pictures are trapped inside. I'll have to share more later.

On a side note, sorry about all the blog slacking. I've been feeling kind of overwhelmed by life. And when that happens, I have the tendency to want to curl up in a ball somewhere and avoid everything, but since that would not be my wisest decision, here I am.

I don't know why I have such issues with getting overwhelmed, but I really do. Whenever there is too much going on in my head, or too many things I feel like I need to work on, I can't seem to just break off a manageable bite, I have to try and swallow it whole and it makes me insane. Why is that? Then, when I'm completely overwhelmed I end up doing nothing and feel like a total failure. It really isn't a great cycle. I just haven't figured out how to break it yet. I'm sure its something we all deal with from time to time, and I think I've even talked about some of this before on the blog, but I cope better when I can just send my thoughts out into the void, so bear with me. How do you balance being a good mom, a good wife, a good housekeeper, a good spiritual being, a good human being, etc. etc. etc., all at once? How do you find ways to find time for yourself to get some balance while still interacting with your kids, and at least having enough clean clothes to wear and dishes to eat off of? Every time I feel like I'm doing a little better in one area, I realize that some other part of my life has completely fallen apart in the process. I just can't seem to balance all the plates all the time. I know I don't have to be perfect, thank heavens, cause that would be impossible, but just getting by in each area would be nice! The last couple of weeks I've just felt like I am about to fall apart at any moment. I hold it together, my kids still seem to like me, although we've watched more movies lately than is probably healthy. But I just hate feeling like I'm losing control of everything.

I know in reality its not that bad, I know my blessings are innumerable. I have felt completely surrounded by love lately. I suddenly have friends coming out of the woodwork and people reaching out to me that I never expected, and for that I am truly grateful. My kids are great, sure, they are 2 and 3 and we have plenty of moments, but in general I am very lucky in that area. My husband is just the best thing ever. When I was having a particularly hard day this last week he randomly bought me a dozen of the most beautiful purple roses to cheer me up, he's so good at that. Then he takes care of the yard and cleans the kitchen and makes cookies, I mean, how much luckier can I get? I'm so lucky to live in my neighborhood, in my beautiful house, to belong to the choir I sing in that gives me an amazing spiritual perspective every time I attend, to be surrounded by family that loves me unconditionally, no matter how many things I fail at. Life really is good. I'm just having one of those very human moments. Anyway, sorry for all the deep wallowing, I just needed to say it. :) Love you all!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My wonderful Father-in-law built us shelving units for our new storage room, and over the last couple of weeks, he and Ryan have installed them. Last night, Ryan and I decided it was time to load up those babies! It feels SO good to know where some of our stuff is now! We still have work to do for sure to get the basement organized, but we got most of the boxes and totes and food put away. Its glorious! I like looking at the food storage shelves, they make me feel like I have at least a little food storage, I had thought we didn't have much left because I haven't been buying much since we started work on the basement cause we had no place for it, but now it has a place! And there is still LOTS of room. I love it. Here are some preliminary pictures to enjoy.

Don't you just love that 90% of my storage boxes are Huggies boxes? Tells a little something about my life...