Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Larson Cup '09

This past Saturday was the annual Larson Cup Triathlon. Ryan and I did a relay team. I did the swim, he did the bike, then I brought it home with the run. It was lots of fun (I can say that now that I'm not running any more). We did the Riverton Shark Attack Triathlon. It was pouring rain some of the time, but it just kept us cool for the most part. I was happy with our time at 1:31:38. The swim was 6:39, the bike 45:04, and the run 39:10. I thought I did a little better than that on both my legs, but hey, can't argue with the stop watch I guess. Considering it took me 2:08 last year doing it all by myself, its a vast improvement. As always it was lots of fun seeing my family for all of the events. The night before we had our annual pasta pig out at my house where James ate his weight in watermelon.

Do you see that plate of rinds??

After the race we had our lunch at my cousin Delos' house where we awarded the prize belts and other prizes. So fun. Give me 2 years and I am going to give Misty (the female winner two years running) a run for her belt! I mean it! ;) I beat both of these guys in the swim at least. :)

Click here to see a few of the photos of us from the race.


Holly or James said...

someday i may actually challenge for the title, but it isn't going to be any time soon.

Emily said...

HEY! I just added you guys into my post. I'm so sorry Diane! I can't figure out how you got left out, that post took me so long to do (so I would be thorough). Ugh.