Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dino Museum

Okay, I'm officially done being a blog slacker. The slew of blog posts begins today!

I'll begin with our adventure to the dinosaur museum with Grandma and Grandpa Owen last Monday for family night. The kids of course thought it was awesome. James was a little nervous, but that is also not a surprise. They both loved digging for fossils and all the other fun hand-on things they have there, except the wet sand. My kids are weird, they don't like getting dirty. I of course didn't take as many pictures as I had planned to, but I got a few. Here are some highlights.

Why she felt like kissing the dinosaur, i'm not sure...How funny is this picture? She was protesting the camera, but it looks like she's running from the shark.
Just a cute picture of Beth posing outside the museum.

Afterwards, we had to go to the ice cream shop for cookie sundaes, root beer freezes, and sugar cookies. Mmm, it wouldn't have been family night without that stop!

On a completely unrelated note, the kids had their semi-annual dental check-ups today. I LOVE our pediatric dentist. The kids did fabulous, their teeth are healthy, there were no meltdowns, no pain, no stress and anguish on my part. After my horrible childhood dental experiences and the dental phobia that followed, it really eases my mind to see my kids having a good experience with their dentist. *sigh of relief*

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BensonFam said...

Olivia is in LOVE with the dinoasaur museum - she's only been twice, but talks about it all the time. P.s. I love your new blog design - very cute and summery. Thanks for this morning again!