Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Beds!

After months and months of waiting on pins and needles, I will now reveal the decor in Beth's new room! (I'm sure you have all been DYING to see it). We finally got her new bed put up this week, and there are still a few final touches to add, but the general idea is done. We picked a Peter Pan/Tinkerbelle theme so that when or if the kids have to share a room we could have some masculine elements. As much as Beth would have loved to have it the pinkest girliest room ever, she seems to really like her new decor. My niece Chelsie is doing a painting of Neverland that will hang on the wall above the bed, and i'm thinking of doing some vinyl cutouts or something that say "Neverland" or "Believe" or something like that to put on the blue parts of the bed, or maybe the wall above her mirror, still playing with ideas...but you get the gist. James favorite part of the new bed was helping mommy and daddy put the bed together. He kept saying "What do ya think? Looks Good!" Very cute.

And, of course, with the addition of Beth's new bed we have moved the toddler bed into James room to start the transition process! He loves the bed, but so far has only slept in it once. I'm not putting the pressure on yet, just kind of letting him guide it, but hopefully he'll be all big boy soon!


Emily said...

really cute! very clever idea, incorporating peter pan AND tinkerbell. genius.

Amber Miskin said...

that's really great Di!