Thursday, August 13, 2009

Me, from Ryan's perspective

Awhile ago I did one of those "50 Things About Me" things and Ryan thought I was too hard on myself, so he wrote his version for me. I had to share it. It shows you my wonderful, witty husband and how lucky I am to have him...Although, I could argue a few of his points, I won't.

1. She is a people person. Good thing too, because I'm definitely not.
2. She is brilliant. She'll tell you otherwise, but she really is a smart girl.
3. She hates prickly bushes. Not just a casual dislike, either.
4. She cries easily. She is very tender hearted.
5. She likes bread. I mean really likes bread. Even the dirt flavored kind.
6. She is baby crazy.
7. She talks a lot. Not in a bad way; she just always has a lot to say.
8. She wishes she kept in touch with her siblings more. It's hard, since they're spread all over the country.
9. She *thinks* she loves being pregnant, but is really miserable the whole time.
10. She likes sour candy.
11. She likes being the center of attention.
12. She is a wonderful example to me and our kids. Kind, loving, and gentle... except to prickly bushes.
13. She has lots and lots of shoes.
14. She prefers to go barefoot, despite the large quantity of shoes.
15. She didn't *really* initiate our relationship... she just dropped some subtle hints until I asked her out.
16. She has great hair.
17. She really doesn't like to be tickled.
18. She is a great mom.
19. She wants to start some new hobbies, but is having a hard time
coming up with ideas. Any suggestions?
20. She loves to change diapers. She denies it, but deep down, she knows it's true. Especially the smelly ones.
21. She is brainwashed to think that BYU is the only college worth attending or rooting for.
22. It gets her riled up when I say that.
23. She's cute when she's riled up. It's great fun.
24. She doesn't like bugs. I keep trying to convince her to take up gardening, but she can't stand the thought of the bugs involved.
25. She's never touched a lawn mower in her life.
26. She's not a morning person, but better at getting up in the morning than a lot of people I know.
27. When her teeth feel dirty to her, she says they're "fuzzy".
28. She likes to shop. Especially if she can do it without the kids.
29. She loves her kids more than anything in the world. Even when she has to take them shopping.
30. She is baby crazy.
31. She really likes it when people comment on her blog
32. She has a degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development (I think thats what its called)
33. She loved her college experience
34. She is very good at pretending to be interested in my work, even though I'm sure it's very boring to her.
35. She is great with little kids.
36. She loves a good chick-flick. And they usually make her cry.
37. But she likes a little sci-fi too. Those don't usually make her cry. But sometimes.
38. She is lots of fun to be around. She always brightens the room.
39. My family loves her.
40. She doesn't like that one kind of flower... I think it's carnations. I can never remember for sure, though, so I'm always afraid to get her anything but roses and stuff.
41. Luckily, she really likes roses.
42. She wants to take singing lessons. Anybody know a good (and affordable) voice teacher?
43. She is addicted to blogs.
44. She likes reality TV shows (some of them). But she's kind enough
to not make me watch them. Most of the time.
45. She speaks a little bit of Spanish.
46. She likes "Dr. Who". Go figure.
47. She has read all of Jane Austin's novels. Now that's endurance.
48. She read and loved all of those new vampire/love story novels.
49. She is obsessed with the TV show "Monk".
50. But at least that's better than "Gilmore Girls", her previous favorite TV show.
51. She is baby crazy.

Obviously, he wrote it before I was pregnant. Which makes him think that #9 is especially funny.


Nicole said...

Very, very cute!! I love that this is from Ryan's perspective.

BensonFam said...

LOVE IT!!! (I love that he mentioned the baby crazy thing three times...) Very cute.

Emily said...

I love this! The dirt-flavored bread comment made me burst out laughing, for real. I also really love the prickly bushes comment. So funny. And I fully agree with #21. It makes me nuts that Dave got his masters at the U and now feels conflicted at football games. It's BYU or nothing.

Trenda said...

I think he knows you pretty well! :) This is a cute idea. . . I think I would be afraid to see what my husband would write!

Unknown said...

I didn't realize that we both had degrees in the same thing. Thats funny! And I loved college too! I guess its just a fun thing to study :)

Sara said...

Hey, I want to make Trav do this for me! ;-) BTW - my b-day is March 12 too - good day. :-) Your blog is cute!

Amber Miskin said...

You, baby crazy? :) So you really should start a garden. If you do a Square Foot Garden you hardly have to touch the thing. You don't have weeds and all you have to do is water, and maybe trim off a few things. It's really not that bad. New hobbies? I really can't help you there, but gardening could help there I guess! :)

Rob & Tiffanie said...

I think my hubby would onyl come up with 3---basically cause he really doesn't like writing and coming up with things like that. I was impressed by your hubby's! I think that maybe he thinks you are baby hungry a bit:) Scapbooking is always a good hobby, although I really like gardening too. Me and my kids actually go outside to look for the bugs though:)

Dan and Donna said...

Diane, let Ryan know that I am impressed with his knowledge of you and was brave enough to write it. Maybe I will try to do that for my daughters some time! See you on your birthday!mom

Brynnly and Alan said...

I LOVE This! What a fun idea! I might have to copy you. ;)

Emily said...

happy birthday diane!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome!
Happy Birthday!!