Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beth's Birthday Celebrations

The day before Beth's birthday we had a party with Ryan's side of the family. It was a very low-key cake and ice cream event. Everyone loved the cake, and it actually didn't taste too bad either, hooray for that! Beth got her big birthday gifts from us at this party, a booster seat for the car (hooray for being able to buckle herself in!!!) and her new bike. Its still a titch big for her, but we figure since she won't really get a chance to ride it until Spring, bigger is better. She seems really excited about it. And of course she got other good loot from family and friends.

On Beth's actual birthday we took two of her neighborhood friends and went to Jungle Jim's. (Please don't be offended if your kid was not invited, Beth wanted to invite the world, mom is the one who restricted the number, I just wasn't up for a huge party this year!) We didn't do the whole party thing, just two friends and then some lunch, it was tons of fun! We had the place mostly to ourselves and the girls loved all the rides. We had very little drama, for which I was very grateful!

Overall it was a pretty laid back birthday for her, but it seemed just right this year. I'm still having a hard time swallowing the fact that she's 4 already...and apparently she thinks she's all grown up now and has to argue about everything I say, but oh well, such is life with a 4 going 14 year-old in the house!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Emily said...

My kids LOVE that place, that sure looks like a fun party. Still love that cake.

Brynnly and Alan said...

Love the cake. Turned out really cute. Happy birthday to Beth!