Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Park City

I know this is a little overdue, but i've been preoccupied.

A couple weeks ago Ryan and I had a little two night get away to Park City. It was really fun! We've never left the kids for more than one night, so it was a little weird, but we had a great time. And, if you don't like crowds, October is the time to go! We were basically alone the whole time!

The first afternoon we got there, we had to make a stop at the outlets. Ryan is NOT a shopper, so it was a quick trip, and I only managed to buy one baby outfit. Miracle, I know. Then we went to a movie. Smack in the middle of nap time, felt so weird to be out doing something during the afternoon! Then we checked into our little hotel and changed for dinner. We found a quaint little chinese restaurant, and we were completely ALONE the entire time we ate. A little weird, but it was quiet. Then we rented a movie and bought junk food and enjoyed a night in.

The next morning, we decided to head down to historic main street. It turns out Park City doesn't wake up until 11, so all the stores were closed, but we found a really pretty little walking path and went on a walk.

Someone please tell me they know the story behind this tree? We stood at the base of it for a long time trying to figure out why so many people who throw so many shoes into the tree. Some of them looked new! There were even ski boots. It was crazy.

Had to pose by this moose for the kids.

We then drove up to one of the resorts to see if we could get a ski lift up to enjoy the scenery, but we were there just the wrong time of year and nothing was running, so we took a scenic drive instead. It was BEAUTIFUL! Here is a sample of some of the views we found.

Then, that afternoon we found the Winter Olympics park and museum. I could have spent all day there. I loved rewatching some of the events and learning more about all of the winter sports. So cool. I definitely want to go back when we have more time and do the whole tour.

That is the bobsled track behind me.

Afterwards, we had to attend a time share dealy, that was the reason we got the free trip, but after turning down all the great stuff they offered us, we got a $100 gift card and went directly to our favorite Steak house to blow all of it! We went a couple of years ago to this restaurant and fell in love, but it is definitely not in our normal price range. So we took advantage of the free money and had a great fancy dinner on them. But we literally spent $96 on dinner for two. And that was with 1 side dish we shared and a dessert we shared. But it was really yummy!

After another night of movie rentals and junk food, we headed home the next morning. The kids did great while we were gone, and my parents had a new appreciation for young parenthood! :) Thanks again mom and dad for watching the kids! It was a much needed get away for both of us. Now, if we can figure out how to do it again before we've waited another 5 years...


Nicole said...

YAY for getaways & YaY for Park City. I am so glad you guys went, what fun things you did. Glad you had a great time!

Emily said...

It sounds nice! We went for our anniversary one year in August, and it was the same way--no one there. I guess it's more of a winter town? That tree is funny. There's a tree like that on the ski lift at sundance only it has bras on it. No way would I throw a perfectly good bra on a tree, those suckers are expensive.

Mishqueen said...

comment on ksl.com:
"Park City's Shoe Tree as part of the Marriott Summit Watch Shoe Tree Park No one mentions the wonderful, eye catching, tourist attraction shoe tree that is even notarized (thankfully) by The Marriott Summit Watch as it sits in their park, now with signs stating SHOE TREE PARK. It is where tourists and locals alike walk, jog, ride bikes, cookout and play horse shoes. It is a wonderful monument, tastefully done and where I walk daily. Read the brass plaque that The Marriott Summit Watch, Yes, The Marrriott Summit Watch placed very tactfully for all to appreciate-describing the history of this great tree and tradition that preceded the condos and development. It is just off of Deer Valley Drive to the right as you go towards Main Street, Park City. You can't miss it, and with over 100 shoes and ski boots dating back to the 1970's, is appreciated by all!"