Wednesday, November 25, 2009

100 Things I'm Grateful For

My sister does this every year, and I'm trying to follow her lead. I love counting my blessings, it opens my eyes so much to what a charmed life I lead. So, in no particular order as they spew out of my head...

1. My husband
2. Beth
3. James
4. My parents
5. My sisters
6. My brothers
7. My in-laws
8. Being pregnant
9. The new nursery
10. Disposable diapers
11. My bed
12. Flannel PJ's
13. TV
14. Movies
15. Nap Time
16. NOT having gestational diabetes. (I passed!)
17. Crockpots
18. Restaurants, especially ones with take-out
19. My husband's work, the old and the new
20. The internet
21. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
22. My neighborhood
23. My fabulous friends and neighbors
24. Playdates
25. Dates with my hubby
26. The Temple
27. Hot showers
28. Comfy clothes
29. Music
30. Sterling Singers
31. Christmas music
32. Christmas decorations
33. Christmas lights
34. My new calling at church
35. The Scriptures
36. Redbox
37. A husband you can build things
38. A husband that does dishes
39. A husband that vacuums and mops
40. Jewelry and clothes that make me feel pretty
41. Baby kicks
42. Hearing "I love you" a thousand times a day from my kids
43. Singing bedtime songs to my kids
44. Text messages
45. Real mail
46. Paying off the van (one more payment!!)
47. Real e-mail
48. Random phone calls just to chat
49. Thanksigiving
50. When other people make dinner
51. Hugs
52. Kisses
53. Modern Medicine
54. Babysitters
55. My washer and dryer (as much as I hate laundry, at least I don't have to do it by hand)
56. My camera
57. Good books
58. Time to read good books :)
59. Heaters
60. Cozy blankets
61. Snow Flakes
62. Stephens Hot Chocolate
63. Sunshine through my windows
64. A comfortable house
65. Custom kitchen cabinets
66. My laptop
67. Flowers
68. Febreze
69. Candles
70. Massages
71. A completely potty trained child...hopefully two soonish
72. Good children's books that I can stand to read 100 times
73. My marriage
74. Real smiles on my kids faces
75. A good laugh
76. When my kids play together
77. Tums
78. I.M. so I can talk to my husband while he's at work
79. A fenced backyard
80. My lifelong friends I can always count on.
81. Beth's tumbling class
82. Beth's music class
83. Health Insurance
84. Good candy
85. Time with Family
86. Time alone
87. My blog
88. My journal
89. Facebook
90. Magic Erasers
91. My furniture
92. A clean house (rare, but still appreciated!)
93. Dancing around with my kids
94. Newborn babies
95. My storage room
96. Generous people
97. Visiting Teaching
98. Caring, Understand people who listen
99. Foot rubs
100. Love

And thousand and thousand more things that make my life blessed and wonderful, even during trials. I hope we all spend a little more time thinking about what we have instead of what is missing. Life is Beautiful.



Emily said...

A good list! What's your new calling?

Rob & Tiffanie said...

Any particular order? I noticed disposable diapers and crockpots came before the church :)

Dan and Donna said... it! Be sure and save us a CD of your Christmas concert! Wish we could be there, but winter is to unpredictable with snow!