Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Halloween was a whirl wind of activity and a fog of sugar. We had a great time. James was not nearly as into it as we imagined he would be, but he ended up having a good time anyway. Beth was a woman on a mission. She wore her costume as much as possible and if there was candy around, she was going to find it!

Beth had lots of halloween activities all week, but our family fun started at Daddy's work trick-or-treat. James refused to wear his costume and wasn't even all that interested in getting candy, but he eventually caught on. Beth made sure we hit every possible cubicle and made sure everyone knew what a pretty fairy princess she was, not that there was any doubt! :)

Do you see all that loot!

My adorable kids in their costumes. Fairy Princess and Race Car Driver, fitting, don't you think?

Then Saturday we got both kids in their costumes and headed out to hit the neighborhood, we didn't do very many houses because the kids were already loaded from their first attempt, but we had to go to a few houses. Then we headed to Grandma and Gramdpa Owen's house to see the cousins in their costumes and hang out eating root beer floats and donuts. mmm. I ate so much junk it wasn't even funny! What fun Halloween is!


Emily said...

OH man, your kids are so cute.

Stacey said...

They look great! Beth's costume is adorable!

Nicole said...

They looks so cute! Beth is a fairy princess in every sense of the word. She is so cute! NOt to mention that handsome little race car driver!