Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"The Wall"

Anyone who is my facebook friend, or lives anywhere near me, has been hearing a lot about the new wall we are building. I thought it was about time to post the pictures of its progress. I've been so impressed with Ryan, he has worked tirelessly for two weeks and it is almost done! I can't believe how fast he got it done, considering how little time he has to work on it. And, of course, my wonderful Father-in-law has chipped in his time and tools to help as well. I am completely in love with it. After we get the door hung (it was too big so my father-in-law is cutting it down for us), a little bit of touch up paint, and some caulk it will be done and I couldn't be happier. Next step is to decorate the nursery and I am beyond excited about that! Can't wait to reveal the finished product. I hope its as cute in real life as it is in my head! The wall puts us off to a good start!

The playroom before the wall.


Hanging dry wall

All the dry wall is up, the last two pictures are as close to a picture of Ryan with the wall as I could get!

The ceiling fans. There is one in the babies room and one in the toy room, aren't they cute??

The wall with paint and trim! Yes, it is exactly that bright of a color.

It is impossible to be sad in either of those rooms now, the color is too happy! I realize it is not a color you can get away with in very many places in a house, but for the toy room and nursery, it totally works. At least I think so! All of the pictures are taken from the perspective of the toy room cause its easier, but both sides of the wall are that color. I will obviously post pictures from inside the new room when its all ready!


Fiddlefish said...

Diane -- that is exactly how our loft is. Adam's room is in the back with the toy loft part in the front just off the stairs. We keep a baby monitor in our room so we can hear him at night. You'll love it!

Diane Owen said...

Where do you think we got the idea from? hehe.

Ellingson's said...

too cute! love it :) I'm ready to go celebrate whenever you are!

Jena said...

It looks amazing!