Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas is around the corner!

I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner! It always makes me sad when its over and I feel like its gone so fast I haven't gotten to soak it all in as much as I usually do. We've put off some of our annual traditions because of the general craziness of our lives lately, but I'm hoping to squeeze them in sometime in the next week amongst all our other things going on.

Ryan's new job seems to be going well. So far he hasn't been too stir crazy stuck at home everyday, and the kids have been pretty good to let him work. Its been great for me to have him here because I can run errands during nap time or leave the kids watching a movie if I need to run somewhere really quick, or I can call in backup when I really need it. Its fabulous! We had the first annual Christmas party with his new company and had a great time. The people were great and the gifts they gave us were sent from heaven. :) A spa gift certificate and gift card to PF Changs for me, and a notebook and Amazon gift card for Ryan. These people know how to give gifts! There is still a lot of adjusting for us to do with this new job, but so far, so good.

As part of all the adjusting, I have started my own little business as a Lia Sophia jewelry advisor. I had my grand opening party last week and it went pretty well, thanks to my great friends and neighbors. I have 4 parties lined up in the new year and they will be all on my own, I'm a little nervous, but excited and hope I can get the hang of it before the baby comes, and then, baby willing, I'll pick back up and hopefully bring in a little extra income. So, if anyone is ever looking for jewelry for yourself or for gifts, think of me!! And if anyone wants to host a party for me, I'd love you forever. :D Along with this, I got a new calling at church as Compassionate Service leader. So far its been a busy calling, considering our ward averages 15 pregnant women at any given time, but I've been enjoying it so far. We've had two babies in the past week and two more due before Christmas! Phew. Thank goodness for a great ward that is always willing to pitch in when I ask for it.

The pregnancy is coming along well. I'm starting to get uncomfortable a little sooner than I was hoping, but so far I can't complain too much, although Ryan would probably say I sure can complain! :) I have been having lots of trouble with round ligament pain this pregnancy, and that hasn't eased up, and this week I started having some sciatic nerve pain, not very fun. My belly gets pretty darn sore and tired by the end of the day cause its growing so fast, but the kids and Ryan are pretty good at letting me rest when I need to. The heartburn is also a good friend at this point, although I've had a pretty good week this week so far. But, the baby is good and active and it is a true joy for me to feel her and watch her kicking around in there. I love it, even when its a little uncomfortable I still love it because its seems like such a miracle. Whenever I'm frustrated because I'm not feeling well, or I'm being short with the kids, I just have to sit or lay down for a while and feel her kick around and it quickly improves my mood. So far all of my tests have gone well, I failed the 1-hour glucose test, but passed the 3-hour test. It was miserable, but I'm glad I passed. Today I'm scheduled to get my Rhogam shot, another not very fun thing, but I'm very grateful they have a shot now. Back just a couple of generations ago it would have been very difficult for Ryan and I to have children, and now I just get a couple of shots and all is well. Thank you modern medicine. **Update: didn't get Rhogam today, turns out you have to be 28 weeks and I was 27 weeks 6 days...weird rules. Baby is doing well and kicked like crazy for the doctor.

Well, soon I will post more pictures and some of our Christmas activities, but I thought it was time I posted something!


Emily said...

So nice to see an update! Ryan's job sounds amazing! My favorite thing about working at the law firm I worked at in college was at Christmas they gave you a $200 gift certificate to and you could redeem it for whatever you want. AWESOME. That's how we got our PB changing table.

Sounds like your pregnancy is just like mine. Pains everywhere, all day long, and by nighttime I'm just exhausted. Can't believe I have 12 more weeks of this.

Carrie said...

I am glad that everything is going well. My mom was one of the test subjects for that shot. We tease my brother that there were side effects. LOL! Let me know if you need anything!

Rob & Tiffanie said...

In my new ward I am 1 of 2 pregnant women!It is sure different to not see pregnant women all over, but that means they make a bigger fuss over me:)

Jerilynn said...

Pregnancy pains are sure a pain. I too have been having major sciatic nerve pain! You are doing awesome in your calling.

Byron Events said...

Hey girl -- hang in there -- all worth it you know! Maybe after christmas - your little ones can come play so evening so you and your hubby can go out -- or just take another break!
Hey -- I will have a lil sophia party for you if you have a Mary Kay party for me! Lets help each other out!!!!
you will be great at whatever you want to be great at! Put your mind to it and succeed!