Friday, January 15, 2010

32 Weeks

Yesterday was my 32 weeks doctors appointment. All is going well. I finally got my Rhogam shot over with. The baby is very active and growing well, and thankfully my weight is on track, its hard to say that when you see the numbers ever increasing, but so far I'm doing pretty well this pregnancy. The aches and pains continue to get worse, but I'm surviving. The heartburn has increased to a new high, so my doctor put me on a new medicine yesterday that will help keep that in check I hope. I have not been sleeping well at all the last little while, but with the help of an occasional unisom I am keeping up with life. At the appointment they scheduled me for my c-section on March 5th at 7:30 am! Yay! We are still hoping we can coax her out a little earlier, due to some insurance issues, but at least I have an end date in sight. Starting my next appointment my doctor will begin checking me and note any progress so we can hopefully document enough progress to get her out on February 26th. But, either way no more than 7 more weeks of waiting! I'm trying to stay busy with the kids and with my Lia Sophia business to keep me from going nuts while I wait. I have a great time just sitting and watching my belly contort when I have down time. I am feeling huge and beginning to outgrow some of my maternity clothes and can't imagine that the baby will most likely double her weight before she's born! I know I think this everytime, but seriously, how can there be room enough for that??

Ugh, and I should really remember to put makeup on before I take my belly pictures. Please ignore. :)


The Woolley's said...

Makeup?...I only noticed the cute necklace you are wearing! You're looking good! I never did belly pics with my last two, I was too prideful, but I'm hoping to be better about it with our next one.

Summer said...

I think you look fine! And, I always like to see that cute bedroom. I'm glad everything is going well. I can't believe you only have 7 weeks left - how quickly time passes - well, for me anyway!

Emily said...

neat! congrats.