Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lia Sophia

As I've mentioned briefly in a couple of posts, I'm just starting my own business selling Lia Sophia jewelry. I had my first party yesterday and it went pretty well, I have another party today too! Plus 4 more before I take a break for having the baby, hopefully my huge belly and my legs and feet will stand up to that test. I'm trying to get my business off on the right foot before I have to take time off so it won't be as hard to start back up when I get back. I like that it is keeping me busy so I have less time to just sit around and stew and countdown the days until baby girl makes her arrival. SOOOO, if anyone is in the market for jewelry talk to me! You can host a party and get good deals on stuff, or you can just order through me. The January sale is especially good, so all you girls out there should tell your husbands to call me and get a good deal on Valentine's day gifts! I'm not going to be an obnoxious salesperson, don't worry about that, but if you buy stuff you will be helping me pay hospital bills. ;) I have catalogs you can look through if anyone is interested, or you can go to and click on "Our Jewelry" and browse the catalog that way. Wish me luck!

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Emily said...

ooh, fun! good luck! i threw a lia sophia party a few months ago and not ONE person showed up. not one. i invited 30 people. NOT ONE. humiliation, man. extreme humiliation.