Sunday, February 28, 2010

Her Birthday

So, I thought I should post a few more details about Kate's birth while I still remember them...

We arrived at the hospital around 10:30 am on Thursday and got straight in and they started prepping me for surgery, getting my IV fluids etc. Right around 12:40 or so, they walked me back into the operating room. Ryan got to come with me right away, which was a change from my other deliveries. I went straight in and got my spinal, never my favorite part, but it was quick. They laid me down and I was numb very quickly. I felt very heavy and tired, but I was excited. They got started with the surgery very soon after, and very soon after I heard Kate's first cry. I wasn't ready for it, I was sure it would take them a while longer to get in because I'd heard it took longer with 3rd c-sections, but she was born at 1:07. The doctor lifted her over the partition so I could see her, I have a picture but she's pretty bloody and I know not everyone appreciates that, so I'll leave that one out. :) They then moved her over to the warmer to clean her up and I could kind of see her from where I was, but Ryan took lots of pictures and brought me the camera every minute or two to show me. I was in total shock when they weighed her. I seriously thought I heard wrong. I expected her to be slightly smaller since she was 2 weeks early, but I did not expect 7 pounds! I still can't get over how little she is. I just stare at her all day! Soon the surgery was over and they wheeled me into recovery. Ryan walked right behind me with the baby. I was beyond excited that she got to stay with me. Beth and James were both whisked away while I was still in surgery and I didn't get to see them for hours, so getting to keep her by my side was the best thing ever! Once we were moved to Mother/Baby they gave her her first bath in the room with me so I got to be there for that too, which was awesome. She literally did not leave until 1am that night when I sent her to the nursery so I could get some sleep. I could not force myself to sleep with her in the room, I just wanted to stare! I have enjoyed every minute of my time with her, she's had very few fussy moments, mostly she just sleeps and eat and poops. Nursing is going far better than it did with my other kids at this point, so we're keeping our fingers crossed. We got home from the hospital just about 2 hours ago or so and are very grateful to be home! Visitors are still welcome!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Kate Donna Owen

born Thursday February 25, 2010
at 1:07 pm
weighing in at: 7 lbs.
19 inches

Mom and baby are doing well, and SO excited to finally be meeting each other. We debated long and hard about her name and decided that Kate just fits her and fits in so well with the other names in our family. Her middle name is very special to me, it's in honor of my wonderful mother. I figure that my new little girl can do no wrong if she just tries to be a little like her name sake. Love you mom! I can't wait for you to get here and meet her.

I'll post more about the delivery later, with a plethora of pictures I'm sure, but for now, I'm going to snuggle my baby! We'd love visitors in the coming days!

Riverton Hospital, 3rd Floor, Room 328

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The surgery has been moved up to 12:30 on Thursday, no doctors visit needed anymore. I have to be at the hospital by 10:30 am! So excited! I better make tomorrow count!

The babies stuff is all organized in my room, my bag is just about packed, the childcare is mostly organized, and the house is decently clean, still a bit to do, but getting close. I'm going to have 3 kids in 2 days!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

3 days to go!!!

You read that right, I am having a baby in 3 days! Most likely anyway... I had my appointment today and the doctor was a little concerned that my blood pressure had gone up and my weight and swelling had both taken a leap in the last couple of weeks, along with the fact that I am having tons of contractions (that are causing dilation and effacement), so he ordered some blood work and told me to come back to his office Thursday afternoon for a blood pressure and cervix check and to plan on going to the hospital right after the appointment to deliver the baby! Its not officially scheduled, but he said its better this way, but he sounds quite certain that it will happen. I am on strict orders not to eat past 7am on Thursday so that I will be ready for surgery. I am completely excited and nervous now and feel like I won't sleep for the rest of the week. I'm making to-do lists like crazy and trying to make sure that everything is ready. I'm sure I'll be a cleaning mad man the next couple of days. Most of the baby stuff has been ready for a while, of course, but I have to finish packing my hospital bag and get everything arranged in our room for her first residence. I cannot believe I will be a mother of three in 3 days. wow. so crazy! I cannot wait to finally meet this little girl and get her in my arms! Ryan is stressed, he's been nervous for a while, but now he seems really nervous and is trying to figure out how to fit in as many work hours as possible this week and still be around to help me get everything ready. What a whirlwind this has become! My mom doesn't get here until next Tuesday, so she's sad she'll miss the birth, but I think it will be good so that I get as much use out of her time here as possible! Thanks in advance to all the friends and family who will be helping out with the kids and such in the next couple of weeks. I don't know what I would do without you! Now, for the traditional belly shot, this was taken just a few minutes ago after a LONG day and in a dark room, so its not great, but you get the idea, and just for fun, what about those ankles, huh? That is after wearing socks for 30 minutes...and that is less swelling than I had yesterday, yikes, I think I'm going to pop! Wish me luck and watch for pictures and stats of our new baby coming soon!

Friday, February 12, 2010


This is just a fair warning to all of you innocent bystanders out there, I am in full on mood swing mode over here. I think my family is scared of me. Today has been better, only one random crying spell (while reading a thank you card, seriously), but the past two days were pretty bad. Yesterday I melted down into a full on sobbing fest and bawled into my pillow for a good several minutes and then left to run errands and cried and cried in the car while driving to Walmart. Sheesh. Part of that meltdown was because of all the previous mood swings that had caused me some bad mom moments so then I was feeling guilty on top of emotional, bad bad bad. I guess all the hormones on top of all the discomfort and the fears of how I'm going to handle another kid when the ones I have send me off the deep end on a regular basis are just boiling over! Don't get me wrong, I am WAY excited for this baby, I can hardly stand it, the countdown is constant in my head, I just sometimes wonder how its going to all work out. I think I will be home bound forever more after she comes! We'll probably save all sorts of money cause I'm not taking all the kids to the store ever again, I'm quite sure of it. ;) The baby preparations are definitely all done, I bought a few more diapers and one newborn outfit yesterday, I'm nervous that if she actually does come 2 weeks early all the clothes I have will be too big, so I think I have a grand total of 3 or 4 newborn outfits now (can't be too optimistic that she'll be smaller than her siblings.) I was reading in my pregnancy book today that it was a good time to pack for the hospital, but of course that is advice for people who actually go into labor, so I'm going to try and hold off a little longer. I'll probably do it next week so that I'll be ready at my next appointment in case the doctor wants to get things moving then (optimistic thinking again, but manageable at least :) ). Every time I sit around at this point just hoping my water will break so I can just get the waiting over with, but I've never had that luck before, so I'm sure I won't again. So anyway, the gist of all of this is I'm impatient, as usual, moody, and uncomfortable, so be warned. Please let the next 21 days go fast (or let the doctor move me up)!!! If anyone has good suggestions for passing the time, bring them on!

p.s. Thanks to my wonderful husband and my great neighbors who have helped me and the kids through these last few days and who will continue to help me for the next few weeks and after the baby comes, I don't know what I would do without you, truly!

Monday, February 8, 2010

35 1/2 Weeks

It's time for another belly update! I had a doctor's appointment today, things are going well. Baby is crazy active, I seriously think I have bruises on my insides, but I'm glad she's strong and healthy. Today was the fun strep B test, and the doctor checked me, 1 cm! Woohoo, hey its something. Of course I'm not as dilated as I was with the other kids at this point, but I'm doing something. If I've dilated more at my next appointment he will probably move up my c-section. I'm trying not to get my hopes up though. 25 days til the current scheduled date, I can do it!! The last 3 days I've suddenly had a lot of swelling and all that fun stuff, which I had avoided thus far, but the doctor doesn't seem concerned, my blood pressure is still perfect. Here are the latest belly shots, not very attractive, and I don't think they do the ginormous belly justice, I swear she moves to she doesn't poke out as much when I take pictures of her. But trust me, the belly is BIG.

I got the bassinet, baby tub and carseat all washed up and ready this week, all that is left to do is pack my bag for the hospital and I'm trying really hard not to jump the gun on that one, but I have made a list. :) My mom has her plane tickets to come for 10 days when the baby is born, so I think we are ready! Now I just have to sit and be patient. Patience has never been my strong point...

Monday, February 1, 2010


I think the nesting phase has begun! The countdown is definitely on. 32 days until my scheduled c-section, so no more than that! I got up this morning and got the bassinet out of the basement and got it all washed and sanitized, its drying right now then I'll get it put back together. Then I folded two loads of laundry. Then I moved on to the master closet, once that was cleaned and organized I cleaned the bedroom, organized my "business center" and decluttered, then I scrubbed the bathroom, including baseboards, molding and door, then I moved on to the kids bathroom and repeated the process. Once that was done, I cleaned James room and straightened up his closet and then vacuumed all of the clean areas of the house. Then I made lunch, and cleaned the toy room. Sadly, I know most of this won't last the day, let alone the month that remains before the baby comes, but it feels good. Unfortunately my kitchen is a royal disaster and the living room needs some help (the parts of my house that visitors actually see) but the back of my house is almost glistening. If only I could get Beth to pick up all her toys so I could finish back there and get her room clean. I'm debating cleaning the laundry room too, it never gets cleaned. And there are two more loads of laundry waiting, and a few more baby clothes that need to be washed...the baby clothes might have to wait for another day. I shouldn't be sitting down now, because I know if I let myself sit for more than a couple of minutes I'll crash and my cleaning frenzy will be at an end, I'd like to at least find my kitchen counters so I can get pizza dough rising for dinner tonight. phew!