Monday, February 1, 2010


I think the nesting phase has begun! The countdown is definitely on. 32 days until my scheduled c-section, so no more than that! I got up this morning and got the bassinet out of the basement and got it all washed and sanitized, its drying right now then I'll get it put back together. Then I folded two loads of laundry. Then I moved on to the master closet, once that was cleaned and organized I cleaned the bedroom, organized my "business center" and decluttered, then I scrubbed the bathroom, including baseboards, molding and door, then I moved on to the kids bathroom and repeated the process. Once that was done, I cleaned James room and straightened up his closet and then vacuumed all of the clean areas of the house. Then I made lunch, and cleaned the toy room. Sadly, I know most of this won't last the day, let alone the month that remains before the baby comes, but it feels good. Unfortunately my kitchen is a royal disaster and the living room needs some help (the parts of my house that visitors actually see) but the back of my house is almost glistening. If only I could get Beth to pick up all her toys so I could finish back there and get her room clean. I'm debating cleaning the laundry room too, it never gets cleaned. And there are two more loads of laundry waiting, and a few more baby clothes that need to be washed...the baby clothes might have to wait for another day. I shouldn't be sitting down now, because I know if I let myself sit for more than a couple of minutes I'll crash and my cleaning frenzy will be at an end, I'd like to at least find my kitchen counters so I can get pizza dough rising for dinner tonight. phew!


Emily said...

awesome! i loove clean houses.

Phillip and Mary said...

i can't believe you did all you did before lunch! your house must be fundamentally pretty clean as it is. Amazing! you make me need a nap!