Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The surgery has been moved up to 12:30 on Thursday, no doctors visit needed anymore. I have to be at the hospital by 10:30 am! So excited! I better make tomorrow count!

The babies stuff is all organized in my room, my bag is just about packed, the childcare is mostly organized, and the house is decently clean, still a bit to do, but getting close. I'm going to have 3 kids in 2 days!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trenda said...

Good luck with everything! I am headed to california on Thurs and I will be there for a week, but I will be sure to swing by when I get home to see you and the little one!

em said...

Let me know when Ryan can't be there and I'll stop by and visit.

annieandken said...


I'm so excited for you! And a little jealous too! I still have over 11 weeks and possibly more! I'm excited to see pictures of your new little one. Good luck with the delivery and the first few weeks. Let me know how the transition to three is!

Amber Miskin said...

Congratulations Di! She's beautiful!