Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby Announcement

In case you didn't get one...Forgive me, I'm still just surviving over here, brain power is running on low. :)

She had a weight check today and is up to 8lbs. 13oz.! That's Beth's birth weight, only took her almost 6 weeks to catch up. But, she's fatter than I expected, so I'm feeling good about it!


Emily said...

I got mine, SO cute.

We're blessing our babies the same day. :)

em said...

I really am going to meet her someday!

Stacey said...

SO cute!

DianD said...

Dear Family Owen...Thank you so much for the announcement. You have another BEAUTIFUL baby! Your kids are really beautiful/handsome children. We missed seeing you, Diane, at the missionary reunion in October but understand you had family... a priority, I know. We loved, as always, seeing and visiting with OUR Elder Owen. He has such a special place in our hearts. Again.. Congrats on your baby. She's beautiful.