Saturday, April 3, 2010


Today my baby boy turns 3!!! I can't believe it. Time flies! James is the sweetest little boy. Not that he doesn't act like a toddler boy every now and then and drive me up the wall, but, for the most part, he is a delight. He's easily entertained, loving and sweet, easy to smile and laugh, sleeps well, he eats like a horse and even likes some healthy food! (a miracle after his sister...) He is all boy, he is obsessed with cars and can be found with at least one hot wheels car in hand at any time, even in his sleep, and he knows cars by make and model already. I adore him and have since the moment I laid eyes on him the day he was born. He is a great big brother to his new sister. We've only had a few moments of jealousy or acting out, but for the most part he is a great help and loves the baby. I cannot imagine our family without my sweet little man. Now, if only we can get him potty trained, life with him will be grand! :)

Happy Birthday to my little James! I LOVE YOU!

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em said...

Man, I want the picture of him coming out of your belly. That truely was when he was born.